10 Tips to Grow Out Your Hair!

Remember that your hair will not grow out overnight. Use these tips to help your hair stay healthy and encourage growth.
1. Don’t skimp on the trims.
2. Eat lots of protein.
3. Take supplements, like biotin, that encourage hair growth. Ask your stylist what they recommend.
4. Avoid using excessive heat. This can add to split ends and breakage.
5. Apply a weekly conditioning or hot oil treatment.
6. Don’t shampoo everyday and avoid silicone shampoos.
7. Change your pillowcase to silk or satin. Cotton causes more friction and strips moisture.
8. Avoid ponytails.
9. Massage your scalp regularly.
10. At the end of each shower blast a cold-water rinse.

Talk to your stylist about what you are trying to do with your hair. They can help you plan it out so you can keep your beautiful locks looking gorgeous until you achieve your desired length.



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