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Three Hair-Safe Options for Halloween Hair Color

Halloween is coming up fast and we know this is the time to go crazy with your look! Whether you are dying your hair a fun color or attempting a different style, there is always a way to protect your hair. Having fun with your hair is a Halloween must, but some temporary dye products can be damaging! One night is not worth hurting your beautiful locks, so stick to these three hair-safe options, and you will be in the clear!
1. Wear a wig or clip-in color extensions!
Wearing a wig or clip-in color extensions is definitely the most hair-safe option out of the bunch! If you are just going out for a night and need to be at work at 7am the next morning, then this is probably the best option for you! Wigs will not damage your hair at all while you are dancing the night away at a costume party, and you won’t have to worry about any residue color dyes, which most temporary colors tend to leave. You can even put some deep conditioner or coconut oil on your ends before tying your hair up into your wig cap! Now that’s what we call multi-tasking!
2. Use hair chalk!
Hair chalk is a really fun option for someone who is looking for a more subtle color look! Unless it is applied excessively, hair chalk tends to apply fairly light. As long as you let the product completely dry it will not get on your clothes or your costume, and it is a great temporary color solution for Halloween! The chalk washes out super easily with shampoo, or you can leave it and braid your hair into a fishtail braid for a pretty,mermaid look for breakfast with the girls after a fun night!
3. Try some color gel!
If you are looking for a bright hair color this Halloween then gel hair color is definitely the best option for you! Manic Panic has an awesome line of gel colors and they are sure to give you the bright look you are looking for! The best part about these are that they wash out super easily with shampoo, so nobody at work will know you had purple hair the night before!
Trying out a crazy,new look for Halloween is definitely a must! What other day of the heat year can you have rainbow hair and not have anybody think twice?! Just be sure to be safe with your color options and be nice to your hair this Halloween! Do you have any hair-safe Halloween tips?? We want to hear them! Tweet us @jfrancisbeauty Or tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty!
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Three Do-It-Yourself Runway-Inspired Hairstyles

Getting runway-inspired hair is easier than you think.
We were feeling so inspired from New York Fashion Week that we decided to show you how to get three NYFW-inspired hairstyles at home!
With just a few steps you are ready for a date night, the perfect, sleek office look, or a fun, casual day.
All you will need are a few bobby pins, hair ties, and a bit of hairspray if you desire.
We want to see your NYFW recreations. Tweet us your photos @jFrancisbeauty or tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty!