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The Truth About Keratin

Keratin Hair Treatments are widely known to relax the hair and leave you with smooth, straight, healthy, conditioned hair. Have you ever had the desire to try out a keratin treatment for yourself? Well, perhaps if we told you the truth about keratin treatments, you would change your mind. This popular treatment came into the hair-spotlight when Jennifer Aniston attributed her chin-length cut to damage caused by a keratin treatment. Since then, celebrities, hair stylists, and people all over the hair community are beginning to question if this treatment is in fact damaging.

What Happens During a Keratin Treatment?

During a keratin treatment, a liquid version of the protein, keratin, which is what the hair is made up of, is deposited on to the outer layer of the hair. After sitting on the hair for a bit, the hair is then blow dried on high-heat and straightened with a flat iron, which is also on high-heat. The heat is necessary for the sleek style to set, but it is definitely very damaging to the hair. If you think about it, you are essentially just burning the outer later of your hair by applying an oil and then adding heat. The straight, sleek affect is definitely appealing and super gorgeous, but is it worth it if your hair is actually becoming damaged during the process?
Unfortunately, if you are looking for a relaxing process for your hair, beyond just deep conditioning, then there may not be an entirely damage-free way to go. However, if you are simply looking to deep-condition your hair and give it a healthy shine, then there are many option for you beyond keratin treatments that are much safer for your hair.
A few great options are…
  1. Coconut Oil
Simply slather a generous amount of coconut oil on to your hair and leave it on for a few hours (or even overnight!), and after a wash your hair will look super shiny and healthy!
  1. Avocado
This sounds strange, but mashing up and avocado and massage it into the ends of your hair is actually super hydrating for your locks! The healthy, natural fats are all good and no bad for your hair. Plus you will have a really pretty shine to your hair!
  1. Rinse With Mineral Water
At the end of your shower try rinsing your hair with room temperature mineral water. The water of your shower can sometimes be too hard for your hair, so a nice mineral water rinse will add some moisture back into your hair before you step out of the shower!
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Travel Hair: How to Step Off the Plane Looking Fabulous

With the holidays coming up right around the corner, there is a lot of traveling happening. We know that you want to be comfy and cute for your long plane ride, so we have come up with five different hair styles to make your travel day easy and to make you look amazing! From braids to buns we have a style perfect for you!
  1. The Loose Fishtail Braid

This is the perfect hairstyle if you plan on sleeping on the plane! It is super comfortable and you won’t have to your about any lumps and bumps obstructing your pillow time. The best part about this hairstyle is that the messier it gets, the better it looks! You can step right off the plane looking like a bohemian babe and head to your destination looking fabulous!
  1. The Double French Braids

The double french braids is the ultimate protective style for your hair during travel time. WIth you hair safely braided, you won’t have to worry about weather damage or keeping your hair out of your face when you go through the hectic security line at the airport-plus it looks adorable! This style is super comfy for travel, and as soon as you get off the plane you can take out the braids and you are left with beautiful beach waves! Hello Vacation!
  1. The Sleek Bun

The Sleek Bun is perfect for business travel, and it is probably the most comfortable for short flights. Pull your hair into a sleek bun, pop a travel sized hair spray into your purse to touch up your look, and you are ready to step off the plane and head straight to your business meeting! You will be one stylish girl-on-the-go!
  1. The Textured Low Ponytail

A textured ponytail is a gorgeous look that will look great all day! The texture of the ponytail gives a relaxed vibe, so even if it gets a little messy during your travels, you will still look chic! This look is great for traveling to a warm climate because your hair will be out of your face and still keep you cool!
  1. Rock Your Favorite Hair Accessory

This is definitely the easiest way to travel in style! Whether you show up for your flight with third-day, messy hair or perfect curls, simply pop on a hat, headband, or beanie and you automatically look fabulous! Add some big sunglasses to your look, and who knows, you might even get mistaken for Kim Kardashian! This look is the definition of a “jet-setter”!
Traveling in style can be super simple with these five looks! If you step off the plane with gorgeous hair then you have one less thing to worry about and you can jump straight into vacation mode! What are your favorite travel hair styles? We want to see! Tag us on twitter @jfrancisbeauty and on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty! Happy Travels!
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Faux It ’til You Make It

Whether you want your hair longer or shorter, there are always ways to switch it up without making a permanent change to your look! Extensions and other awesome hair accessories and tools make it super easy (and fun!) to change your look without making a huge commitment! We have three great options for you to try out!
  1. Extensions

Extensions are perhaps the most obvious choice when wanting longer hair. There are so many different kinds of extensions, so finding something that works for you and your hair shouldn’t be a problem! There are clip-in extensions, sew-in extensions, and several other styles, but the most important part of choosing your extensions is to match the color and texture of your hair. Lots of extensions are made out of human hair, so they can actually be dyed your exact hair color! Take your extensions with you the next time you get your hair colored and you are sure to have a perfect match! The texture is also really important when it comes to matching your hair. It is best to match your natural texture, so you are able to style them with the rest of your hair for a seamless match.
  1. Faux Bob

The faux bob became a celebrity favorite a few years ago, and it is exploding all of sites like Pinterest! This look is surprisingly easy to achieve in a few steps! First you want to style your hair how you want it, whether that be straight, wavy, or curly. Then simply tuck under and pin to your desired length! So simple! This looks best with some texture and a messier style so the ends camoflauge and blend together. Testing out the short look is a great way to see if you want to make the commitment to short hair! (and to trick your friends!)
  1. Faux Bangs

Committing to cutting bangs is actually a big deal. If you end up not liking them, then you have to go through the “growing-out” process, which can be quite annoying until they get long enough to pull back. So why not try out some faux bangs to see if you want to take the chop?! The easiest way to go is to buy some clip-on bangs, but you can also create the look using your own hair! Simply twist your hair into a bun, leaving a few inches (your desired bang length) out of the bun. Style your new “bangs” with a straightener or blow-drier, and you can easily test out the look of bangs with your own hair!
Getting a new dramatic look is easier than you might have thought! It can be so fun to play around with new looks! Have you ever tested out any of these looks? We want to see! Tag us on twitter @jfrancisbeauty and Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty!
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Three Holiday Party Looks

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means it’s time for those holiday party looks! Whether you are heading to a fancy party or a cozy, movie night in, there is a holiday hair look that is perfect for you! Hair tends to be extra dry in the winter time from the weather and the colder temperature, so treating yourself to a deep conditioning treatment the night before your event will give you a glossy, healthy shiny and make your event hair style look extra pretty! These looks can take you from day to night, and will look fabulous with any outfit.
Look #1: The Side Braids
This look is perfect for the girl who is going to a more casual event. Wear your hair natural, or give it a beachy wave using a wand curling iron for a natural, pretty look. The braids keep your hair out of your face so you can focus on the party, and they add a cool detail in close up pictures! This is also a great look to wear on Christmas Eve and wake up looking fabulous, with your braids will in-tact! Molly Sims rocks this looks with some sparkly, hoop earrings, and a bold, red lip! The perfect holiday look!
Look #2: The Glossy Waves
Classic, glossy waves are a go-to look for a fancier holiday occasion. After blowing out your hair, use a large-barrel curling iron. Loosen the curls by running a brush gently through your hair and finish off with some light hold, shine mist! This look will spice up any little, black dress, and instantly add glam to your outfit. Blake Lively pulls off this look with perfection, pairing it with a nude lip and deep v-neck, black dress. So classy and chic!
Look #3: The Sultry Sweep
Heading to an office party or work event? This is the perfect look for you! It still looks professional, but it is very soft and pretty. All it takes for this simple, but sexy look is putting your hair in a low, loose bun and let the front pieces gently slip out. There you have it! The perfect, sexy, but work party appropriate look! Eva Mendes looks stunning in her sultry, side swept look, paired with a strapless,black dress!
Three versatile looks, perfect for any holiday occasion. We want to see your perfect holiday looks! Tweet us @jfrancisbeauty and tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty!
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Make a Bangin’ Change for a Fresh Look

What is your favorite hair accessory? Bangs are the best hair accessory and perhaps the most flattering! While bangs or fringe can be a scary step for your hair, but they can also bring your hair to life if you choose the right style for your face shape and hair type! There are so many different types of bangs, so you are bound to find out to suit you perfectly! If you are bored with your hair style and want a little change, then give bangs a try! Take a look at some celeb-spiration we picked, and find your most flattering style!

The Full Bang

Full bangs make quite the statement and can make you stand out from the crowd! This type of bang works well with a square face, but can also look fabulous with a rounder face if you want to excentuate your natural face shape! These bangs are definitely the most classic, and really break up your hair, so you can play with lots of different looks! These bangs are an accessory of their own and make you look extra adorable! Nicole Richie and Tyra Banks are definitely our celebrity hair inspirations when it comes to full bangs!

The Wispy Bang

Long, wispy bangs work best with square and oval face shapes! The wispy bangs break up the proportions of the face and make you look totally adorable! This type of bangs tend to excentuate the eyes because they hit just at the eye! They soften the face and look great whether you wear your hair down or up in a ponytail or bun! Jennifer Lawrence and Rachel McAdams are queens of the wispy bangs and we are loving it!

The Side-swept Bang

The side-swept bang is definitely the easiest bang style to pull off, and looks amazing on all face shapes! This bang style is great for those girls who don’t want to commit to a completely new look, or a heavy bang, but still want to break up their look and accentuate their face shape! You can easily pin or braid back the side-swept bang to keep them out of your face, and only wear them when you please, which allows lot of versatility for your look! Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon are totally our inspiration for side-swept bangs!
I think we can all agree that bangs are fabulous and can definitely be your best accessory! They frame your face and give you that little lift you needed to bump your style to the next level! We want to see your most bangin’ look! Tweet us @jfrancisbeauty or tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty and show us your look!
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Pump it Up

Voluminous hair looks healthy and sexy, so why wouldn’t we want a little extra volume! Whether you prefer to wear your hair up in a ponytail , braided into a fishtail braid, or flowing free, there is always a way to pump up the volume on your favorite style. Believe it or not, these simple tricks will add less than a minute to your hair routine and you will get compliments all day long on your spiced-up look!

Pump it Up: Pony Style

Adding volume to your pony tail is super simple and will really amp up your look! Simply put your hair into a pony-tail of whatever height you desire. Gently loosen the hair at your crown and around your ears for a relaxed look, and then grab a teasing comb and get to work. Grab small sections of your ponytail and tease it very lightly at the top and bottom of the strand. This works great on hair that is straights or wavy! Julianne Hough is our serious voluminous ponytail crush of the moment! How perfect is her pony?!

Pump it Up: Braid Style

Switch up your tight braids for lose, voluminous, relaxed braids! Choose your favorite braid and braid tightly, as you normally would. When you are done, simple loosen the braid by gently tugging on sections all the way up and down the braid. This will make your braid look super thick and voluminous! Trust us, people will have serious braid-envy over your gorgeous look- and it only takes minutes! How cool is that?! Braid-Blogger Amber Fillerup is definitely a master at braiding, and offers tons of beautiful braid inspiration!

Pump it Up: Free Flowing

Now for those gorgeous Victorias Secret looking curls! Pumping up the volume while wearing your hair down, will serious take you to supermodel status- and fast! Taking only minutes in the morning gets you a voluminous look that will have heads turning for sure! Simple let your hair dry naturally and use a curling wand on random strands until you get a messy, wavy look, or curl your hair all over and run your fingers through the curls! Then take a teasing brush and some texture spray and tease random sections from the bottom of your hair! Just like that you have a quick, easy, voluminous look!
Adding volume to your hair turns up the style on any look you choose! We want to know your voluminous hair tricks and who your hair-spiration celebs are! Chat with us on twitter @jfrancisbeauty and on instagram @johnfrancisbeauty!
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5 Office-Appropriate Hair Styles You Can Wear into the Night

The Slicked-Back, Low Pony
The ponytail is probably the most basic hairstyle out there, but this look is far from basic. The slicked-back low ponytail is super sexy and sleek! Especially with a middle part, this is definitely a straightforward, no fuss look that will turn heads at the office. With you hair out of your face, your facial features and décolletage are shown off and it looks pretty and feminine, while sporting your strong hairstyle. After work pair this hairstyle with a top or dress with a high-neckline, and you are ready for the night! Three cheers for easy, but super pretty looks!
The Voluminous High Pony
Another take on the age-old ponytail! The voluminous, high ponytail is a playful look that is still very appropriate for the work environment. It keeps your hair off of your face and away from your workspace, while making you look really effortless and cool! This is a great hairstyle for second or even third day hair. Just spray some dry shampoo and give your hair some texture with curls, waves, or whatever you prefer. Then just throw it up in a high-pony and you are set! The more textured the better for this look! A voluminous high-ponytail would look gorgeous with a low-back dress for grabbing drinks after work!
The Sleek Top-Knot
Now, don’t lie-we all throw our hair up into a comfy bun the second we get home from work. With a sleek top-knot, your workday won’t be interrupted by your hair getting in the way, plus you will look super professional! Be sure your hair is tangle free, twist it up into your favorite top-knot look, spray some strong hold shine spray, and you have the perfect sexy, yet work appropriate look that will last all day! Plus- it will show off that new lipstick you have been dying to try!
The Glossy Waves
Pretty waves seem to make an appearance quite often these days in the hair world! This look is effortless and put-together at the same time, which is why so many women love it! It gives a feminine, relaxed feel to your structured work outfit, and is the perfect, easy transition for your night time plans! Give your hair an after-work boost with a shine spray and a scrunch and you are ready to take on the night!
The Shiny and Straight
This is the perfect look for women who have less texture in their hair, and it is also a great “running-late” look! Apply your heat protectant and give your hair a few swipes with a straightening iron and you are looking sleek and ready to rock your morning meeting! This a strong look that pairs well with practically any outfit. Whether you part your hair in the middle or on the side, this style definitely makes a statement and is a great look for the evening as well!
We love all of these looks, but we want to hear which look is your go-to work look! Tweet us @Jfrancisbeauty and tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty!