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Hot Hairstyles for Spring

It is officially Spring, and we are so excited to start styling for parties, weddings, and festivals. Spring brings along tons of celebratory occasions, so why not make your hair look stunning for each and every event you attend? Whether you are a laid back girl or like to take the time to make a head-turning statement with you hair, we have a look that is perfect for you.

The No-Fuss Style for the Laid-Back Girl

If you are heading to an event this Spring, but you are really not feeling like putting a ton of time and effort into your hairstyle, then have no fear — we have the perfect solution for you. A fantastic way to create a super-glam, sleek look is to simply blowout your hair, or have a professional give you a blowout while you sit there and look gorgeous. If you own a round brush and a blow drier you can most definitely create this put-together look yourself. A good blowout makes your hair look shiny, sleek, and the center of focus, without taking the time and effort to create a super complicated look. This look is perfect if you are going to be sporting a bright-colored or patterned outfit.

The Minimal-Effort Style for the Girl Who is Short on Time

Who doesn’t want to look super-chic without taking tons of time and using tons of different styling tools and products? We have two amazing options for you, and trust us — they are definitely head-turning looks! The first option to go for when you’re running short on time is to simply put some beachy waves in your hair using a wand curling iron. This look is chic no matter what type of event your are heading to. Beachy waves are always a good idea, and they take hardly any time. The second go-to option for a quick, chic style is to put your hair in a sleek top-knot. Whether you are heading to a professional business lunch or a Spring wedding, the top-knot is a perfect look.

The Intricate Style for the Girl Who is Trying to Make a Statement

There are plenty of head-turning looks that are perfect for Spring festivities, if you have a bit of time to commit. Fishtail braid styles are always a great option if you have some time so spend on your look. These braids are definitely not complicated, but they do require a bit of time. Pulling your hair to the side and creating a messy fishtail braid, while pulling out a few face-framing pieces for a light curl, is the perfect look for a day or night time affair. Twisting back on side of your hair and adding loose curls to the rest is also a really glamorous, pretty option for a Spring event.
Spring is a fresh start, so what will you try this season with your hair?? We want to see your beautiful event looks! Tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty and on Twitter @jfrancisbeauty.
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Blunt Haircuts for All Lengths

Thick, healthy hair is always in style, and we want to show you how to get the look. Whether you have hair down to your bum, or to your collarbone, you can definitely achieve this hot Spring look. It seems people are straying away from layers and are moving towards styles that are all one length, with tons of weight and volume at the ends of the hair. Want to give this look a go? Here is what you need to know to look absolutely FABULOUS!

The Short Bob

If you have hair that is anywhere from chin-length to above your collarbone, then you are most likely rocking a bob. Cutting your hair all one length, with no layers, creates a dramatic, yet very polished look that will totally turn heads. Your hair will look thick, healthy and super glamorous. Plus, this style looks awesome with a bit of texture added for a playful look. Our inspirations for this super trendy hairstyle are definitely Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift. These talented ladies can pull off this look casual or super glamorous (and so can you).

The Medium Length “Lob”

The “lob” is definitely hot in the hair world right now. This look consists of length anywhere from your collarbone to your shoulders, and it is actually very flattering on most women. Keeping this look one length or even a bit a-line is super trendy and easy to wear on a daily basis. With the weight at the bottom of the hair, this look is really easy to style and keep looking fresh, whether it is curled, straightened, or worn in your natural texture. We love the “lob” on Lucy Hale and Khloe Kardashian.

The Long, One Length “Do”

Keeping long hair looking healthy can be a challenge if you don’t have the right haircut. The easiest way to ensure a fresh-looking do is to chop your hair to one length, keeping weight and thickness at the bottom. Face-framing layers are great to add to break up the hair a bit, but with the majority of the hair kept to the same length, your hair will look super awesome. This hair cut is perfect for the girl who likes to braid her hair on throw it up in a top-knot because you don’t have to worry about little layers poking out of your “do.” Our go-to long, healthy hair inspiration is totally Olivia Palermo and Mila Kunis.
What do you think of this trend?? We want to hear from you! Tag us on Instagram @Johnfrancisbeauy and tweet us @jfrancisbeauty!
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Celebrity Spotlight: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

It’s no secret that Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are two of the hottest models of the moment. It seems these two are always in the spotlight, and they are always looking fabulous. Their effortless, “model-off-duty” looks when they aren’t working are flawless, and they are actually really easy to recreate.
These two BFFs seem to constantly be twinning with their style, and one of their major trends of the moment is wearing their hair straight with a baseball cap. This look is super chic, but very casual. You instantly look put together and ready to take on a busy day. All you need is a good blow-out and a baseball cap and you are ready to rock this look!
The slicked-back, middle part hair style is also a look that these two rock very frequently. This look can be worn super casual or for a night out! Simply part your hair down the center and slick the sides back behind your ears using some strong-hold hair spray or mouse. It’s super stylish, chic, and easy!
Both Kendall and Gigi are always seen sporting sleek top-knots and high ponytails. These girls really know how to pull off a simple style and make it look super chic. Top-knots and ponytails are basic hair styles that you can easily recreate. Be sure to use the correct products for your hair, whether that be mouse or hair spray, to get that super sleek, frizz-free look.
These girls give us major hair inspiration. Whether they are on the cat walk or on the streets of New York, these girls always look fabulous! What celebrity inspires your hair looks? We want to know! Tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty and Twitter @jfrancis beauty!