2016’s Biggest Hair Trends

Well, we made it through the first month of 2016. We hope you are all having a great start of your year. We thought we would share this year’s biggest hair cut trends with you today. Whether you want to switch up your look a bit or do a dramatic change, here is our guide to staying stylish with you hair this year.
Now, on to the trends!

#1: Long, Textured Layers

It is no surprise that the “beach-babe,” wavy look is still going strong. This look is so chic and stylish and gives you a super laid-back vibe. Ask your stylist to give you some layers, and perhaps some high and low-lights to enhance the texture and you are set. This is the perfect style for someone who just feels like their hair needs a bit of life, but they don’t want to do anything drastic. Check out how Cara DeLevigne rocks this look. AMAZING!

#2: Short, Retro Bob

Go BOLD this year and rock a short bob haircut. This haircut would look amazing on so many different hair textures. As for the length, anywhere from cheekbone to chin length will really give you that retro feel. Add some choppy bangs and you will be looking like you walked straight out of Gatsby. Now, remember this haircut is a serious commitment, so be sure to communicate with your stylist clearly about your vision before diving in. We love this look on model Heather Kemesky. So BOLD!

#3: Mid-length, Polished Bob

This interesting variation of the classic bob is the new “it girl” haircut. Cut to the shoulders with long layers gives you that sexy vibe, but the blunt edge makes you look super polished and sleek. This might just be the haircut that gives you the best of both worlds. When you style this look focus on shine and sleekness to keep your hair from looking too frizzy. Khloe Kardashian pulls off the mid-length, polished bob flawlessly. WORK IT GIRL!
We hope this have you some 2016 style inspiration. Whether you want a subtle change or you want to make a bold statement, changing your look is so much fun.
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