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In our last blog we briefly touched on hair accessories but they are going to be huge in the upcoming year so lets talk a bit more about them. Often times you can feel like your hair is lacking something. It just didn’t curl right that day or you’re due for a cut. It’s time for a color appointment and your bangs are in your eyes. Don’t stress I have a couple hair hacks for you while still being stylish and on trend. Lets dive into a few ways you can incorporate them into your everyday looks.
As we’ve mentioned countless times the revival of different time periods has been a major influence in fashion as well as hairstyles. Scrunchies were best remembered for their times wrapped around the ponytails of 80’s sitcom stars. You’re thinking Saved by the Bell and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, right? Close, but not quite. Think the same hair accessory but more modern. We won’t be pairing this hair tie with big perms and teased bangs. Instead, think of a low loose pony like the ones pictured below from the runway this season at the Mansur Gavriel show. This look is effortlessly cool while being super low maintenance. Catherine Zeta Jones is another perfect example of how scrunchies can be made chic, modern, and truly used as an accessory. In the photo of her below, she opts for her coat, sunglasses, and scrunchie all in a deep wine color for a stunning monochromatic look.
Two gorgeous examples of a take on the modern scrunchie
Catherine Zeta-Jones & Mansur Gavriel 2017 Show

Remember how we talked about grown out bangs? Bangs are great while you have them but growing them out can be an absolute pain. After a while they turn into an awkward length and you’re unsure of how to style them or get them out of your face. Barretts are back and better than ever. Basically just glorified bobby pins these hair accessories can make you look fashion forward even if you are just trying to keep your hair out of your face. Barretts were huge on the runway this year as well, see the photo supermodel Doutzen Kroes from the Versace Spring 2018 show below. The golden clips add a perfect accent while keeping the hair away from the face and looking sleek and clean.

Doutzen Kroes’ eye makeup compliments her golden accessories beautifully
This last accessory is a last resort so don’t pull this one out unless it is a complete disaster of a hair day. Hats have been huge this year and will continue to keep their place in the fashion world heading into the new year. Whether it be a classic baseball cap, a newsboy hat, or even a beret, you can still have style with minimal effort. Hats can really top off an outfit and push it over the edge so don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and experiment with a new style.
Bella Hadid rocking the ultimate cool girl look- pairing her leather beret with red lipstick and vintage shades
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We have mentioned the New Year in the last couple blog posts so it’s only right that we dedicate an entirely separate post to your NYE look. Whether you’re going to spend the night out on the town waiting for the ball to drop or staying in celebrating with friends, you’ll have an excuse to get fancy and try out these looks. Let’s touch on a few styles that are full of glam and sure to ring in your new year with a bang.
This first look is fully glam, I mean really glam. Full of glitter this style is sure to be the talk of any room you walk into. Glitter roots or the glitter part are the perfect way to add glitz to a more plain outfit or just take your look over the top. Also, didn’t have time to get a root touch up before NYE? Throw some glitter on it, no one will notice a thing. This look can be worn with your hair down, seen on Miley Cyrus in the photo below. Or in between braids, pigtails, or a slicked back bun or ponytail. All you need is loose glitter and some hair gel. Use a comb, tint brush, or just your fingers to apply the gel wherever you’ll want the glitter. Then lightly dust the glitter over the area for instant pizzazz.

Miley Cyrus pairing her glitter eyeshadow with a glitter part for a dazzling look
Disco buns, space buns, double topknot, whatever you want to call this hair style, it’s quick, easy, and fun. This hair style is essentially just two topknots placed on your head strategically spaced apart with a center parting down the middle. You can either gather all of your hair up into the buns or do a half up half down style with two small buns at the top of your head with the rest left down. The best part about this look is there is no styling necessary, take your hair in it’s most natural state, clean or dirty and use a boar bristle brush and use it to smooth all of your hair back. If fly aways are a problem for you don’t fret, a little gel or serum on your fingers or a comb will take care of them easily.

FKA Twigs showing how space buns can be fun and elegant
If you want an even simpler solution on how to get NYE ready with little to no effort look no further, I’ve got the solution for you. Hair accessories are the quickest and chicest way to pull a look together. Simply throw your hair in a low bun or messy pony and add a hair accessory. There are endless options, from bejeweled headbands to a vintage inspired pin or barrette and even faux flowers. The best thing about hair accessories is that you can match them to the look you are going for. If you’re party is time period themed this is a perfect way to elevate your look. For a retro 50’s look add a pearl barrette to a pin curled do. A 70’s look would be spot on paired with a headband and some Farrah Fawcett waves.

Emmy Rossum wearing an elegant hair accessory that matches perfectly with her earrings
Be creative with your look and most of all have fun! Cheers to 2018!
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Fall is here and winter is right around the corner, that means warm clothes, warm drinks, and warm hair. Yep, you heard right, warm hair. Warm toned hair is the perfect accessory for the upcoming colder months. Because you won’t be getting much sun during these seasons it’s important you maintain your glow in other ways. Warm toned hair is the perfect thing to keep your complexion looking bright, healthy, and anything but dull. Wondering what “warm toned” means for your hair color? Keep reading to find out.
If you’re a blonde and trying to go for a warm toned look it can be tricky. Warm toned blondes can often come off as too orange so you’ll want to go for more of a honey blonde. If you rock an ombre or balayage try asking your stylist to warm up your base color and add some gold to the lighter parts of your hair. This will add an overall glow to your hair keeping the tone consistent throughout.

Margot Robbie wearing the perfect warm ombre
If you’re a brunette seeking a warmer hair color for the season try adding some red to your do. I know it sounds intimidating but it’s really not as big of a commitment as it seems. Think of a mix between red and brown creating a rich mahogany. This hue will make any eye color pop and compliment every skin tone. Make sure you maintain this hair color regularly to keep it looking intense and fresh.
Hayden Panettiere’s green-blue eyes are complimented beautifully by this rich red brown
If you’re feeling daring or were just lucky enough to be born a natural redhead, embrace it this season. If you’re a blonde thinking of taking the plunge try a soft rose gold so the change isn’t so drastic at first. If you’re a brunette and want to fully embrace true red hair it is likely your stylist will have to lift your hair using a lightener first and lay a color over top. This look can be a little more high maintenance considering you’ll have to stay on top of your appointments so you don’t end up with dark roots. Although a little bit more effort needs to be put into this look, the outcome is stunning and totally worth it.

Rumer Willis opting for a soft rose gold
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With the new year approaching you might be starting to feel a bit drab and dull, like you need a change. What better way to put a little pep in your step than with a new hair style? If you’re really feeling like stepping into the new year with a new look, I have one word for you…bangs. Bangs can totally transform your current style into a new one and give you an entirely new look. Now, don’t think you have to go full Bettie Paige, there are many different types of bangs so keep reading to see which is the best fit for you.
If you have curly hair you might have gone your whole life thinking you don’t have the right hair type for bangs. News flash…there is no right hair type for bangs. No matter what texture of your hair there is a fringe for you. Instead of trying to straighten your bangs, embrace your natural texture and wear them curly! Juno Temple has been rocking curly bangs in her new TV series which is set in the 70’s. We have talked previously about how in the revival of the 70’s is right now so this look is right on trend. Simply add some curl cream to your damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser for soft and defined curls.

Juno Temple doing curly bangs the right way
Next lets talk about bangs where you don’t have to fully commit. If you’re not ready to make the drastic cut try these curtain bangs, pictured on Sienna Miller below. There is just enough bang to change your look but not too much where you can’t style your hair differently. This style of bang is extremely versatile and can be worn straight across or side swept. If you’re not feeling your bangs or don’t have time to style them you can easily push them to the side or pin them back.
Sienna Miller wearing the curtain bangs – the bang without the commitment
Now it’s time for the real deal. I’m talking the straight across blunt bang. Not many people are brave enough to make the cut. These bangs typically need to be styled every day to keep them looking clean and fresh. It’s best to style these type of bangs with a round brush so you get a little volume and they aren’t sitting flat on your forehead. Dry shampoo is a must with this hairstyle, stash some in your bag for a quick way to freshen up on the go.

Zooey Deschanel is queen of the blunt bang