5 Office-Appropriate Hair Styles You Can Wear into the Night



The Slicked-Back, Low Pony

The ponytail is probably the most basic hairstyle out there, but this look is far from basic. The slicked-back low ponytail is super sexy and sleek! Especially with a middle part, this is definitely a straightforward, no fuss look that will turn heads at the office. With you hair out of your face, your facial features and décolletage are shown off and it looks pretty and feminine, while sporting your strong hairstyle. After work pair this hairstyle with a top or dress with a high-neckline, and you are ready for the night! Three cheers for easy, but super pretty looks!


The Voluminous High Pony

Another take on the age-old ponytail! The voluminous, high ponytail is a playful look that is still very appropriate for the work environment. It keeps your hair off of your face and away from your workspace, while making you look really effortless and cool! This is a great hairstyle for second or even third day hair. Just spray some dry shampoo and give your hair some texture with curls, waves, or whatever you prefer. Then just throw it up in a high-pony and you are set! The more textured the better for this look! A voluminous high-ponytail would look gorgeous with a low-back dress for grabbing drinks after work!


  1. The Sleek Top-Knot

Now, don’t lie-we all throw our hair up into a comfy bun the second we get home from work. With a sleek top-knot, your workday won’t be interrupted by your hair getting in the way, plus you will look super professional! Be sure your hair is tangle free, twist it up into your favorite top-knot look, spray some strong hold shine spray, and you have the perfect sexy, yet work appropriate look that will last all day! Plus- it will show off that new lipstick you have been dying to try!


  1. The Glossy Waves

Pretty waves seem to make an appearance quite often these days in the hair world! This look is effortless and put-together at the same time, which is why so many women love it! It gives a feminine, relaxed feel to your structured work outfit, and is the perfect, easy transition for your night time plans! Give your hair an after-work boost with a shine spray and a scrunch and you are ready to take on the night!


  1. The Shiny and Straight

This is the perfect look for women who have less texture in their hair, and it is also a great “running-late” look! Apply your heat protectant and give your hair a few swipes with a straightening iron and you are looking sleek and ready to rock your morning meeting! This a strong look that pairs well with practically any outfit. Whether you part your hair in the middle or on the side, this style definitely makes a statement and is a great look for the evening as well!

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