A Little Bit of Holiday Sparkle

Sparkle is the name of the game when it comes to styling for the holidays! Everywhere you look there is a bit of extra glitter, so why not carry this trend over to your hair?! While this may not be an everyday look, it is definitely fun to jazz up your hair for the holiday season! Pulling off a touch of sparkle this season is super simple, as long as you don’t go overboard! We have collected five ways for you to add a little holiday cheer to your hair looks this season!


  1. Hair Gems

Hair gems are really great for a subtle shine “here and there” throughout your hair. These gems come in a pack and you basically iron them on to your hair with your straightening iron. They will stay in your hair for about a week and will withstand washing, blowdrying, straightening, and curling! For a super-glam, holiday party look, braid your hair into a loose fishtail braid and add the hair gems throughout your braid!


  1. Sparkle Hair Clips

An even more temporary option to adding a bit of sparkle to your holiday look is to use a hair clip or barrette! This extra bit of sparkle adds some drama to your look and makes it look even more glamourous. Swoop your hair up into a low bun, or side twist, add a sparkle clip, and you are party ready!


  1. Sparkly headbands

Want a work-appropriate sparkle level for everyday wear that is not too flashy? Try using a headband with some shine to it! These can be found at almost any store, but Anthropogie makes beautiful pieces! A sparkly headband is the perfect amount of sparkle for day wear or work, but it still keeps your hair out of your face so you can focus.

2011_12_21/Hair Tinsel

  1. Hair Tinsel

Hair Tinsel is a super fun way of adding some sparkle to your hair for the holidays! Lasting a few weeks, hair tinsel is tied onto your strands and is easily styled with any hair style you choose! Choose a color that is similar to your current hair color for a more natural, subtle look, with just the right amount of shine.


  1. Glitter Spray

Glitter spray may seem intimidating, and a bit too on the costume side of the spectrum, but believe it or not there is a subtle way to style glitter spray! You can buy glitter hair spray in a light-hold spray or super fine glitter. Depending on how close or far away from your head that you spray will control the intensity of the glitter! You are in control, my friend!

We hope these ideas gave you some festive, holiday hair inspiration! Who doesn’t love a bit of shine and glitter during the holidays! We hope you and yours are enjoying the season, and we want to see your holiday looks! Tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty, and on twitter @jfrancisbeauty!




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