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The Lowdown on Keratin Treatments

  Keratin treatments are a major topic of conversation in the hair world at the moment, and we want to give you all the details. Summer is fast approaching and people are wanting to transform their look and battle frizz, so many are turning to smoothing treatments such as keratin. So, we are coming to […]

COLOR SERIES: Platinum Blonde- Gwen Stafani

Platinum Blonde hair is one of those looks that definitely turns heads. Not everyone can pull off this bold look, but those that can, totally rock it. Gwen Stafani is the queen of platinum blonde. This is definitely her signature look and she pulls it off with ease, but not without some serious maintenance and […]

Color Series: SILVER

Silver hair has been a major trend so far in 2016. This extremely cool-toned color has been seen in magazines, celebrities, and basically all over the internet, and has been dubbed the hot color of the moment. The color seems to have got its start after people were tired of their hair becoming brassy and […]

Celebrity Spotlight: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is a chameleon when it comes to hair. This girl can rock any look from a super short “boy” cut to her long, natural waves. Talk about variety. We picked three of our favorite looks that this festival princess has sported in the past few years, and we are going to tell you […]

Workout to Work + On-The-Go Essentials

No time in between your morning workout and heading to the office? No worries! Summer is coming and we know you are working hard to get your workout in. So we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to look put together after your workout. Everything from hair styles to on-the-go essentials is […]