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We have mentioned the New Year in the last couple blog posts so it’s only right that we dedicate an entirely separate post to your NYE look. Whether you’re going to spend the night out on the town waiting for the ball to drop or staying in celebrating with friends, you’ll have an excuse to get fancy and try out these looks. Let’s touch on a few styles that are full of glam and sure to ring in your new year with a bang.
This first look is fully glam, I mean really glam. Full of glitter this style is sure to be the talk of any room you walk into. Glitter roots or the glitter part are the perfect way to add glitz to a more plain outfit or just take your look over the top. Also, didn’t have time to get a root touch up before NYE? Throw some glitter on it, no one will notice a thing. This look can be worn with your hair down, seen on Miley Cyrus in the photo below. Or in between braids, pigtails, or a slicked back bun or ponytail. All you need is loose glitter and some hair gel. Use a comb, tint brush, or just your fingers to apply the gel wherever you’ll want the glitter. Then lightly dust the glitter over the area for instant pizzazz.

Miley Cyrus pairing her glitter eyeshadow with a glitter part for a dazzling look
Disco buns, space buns, double topknot, whatever you want to call this hair style, it’s quick, easy, and fun. This hair style is essentially just two topknots placed on your head strategically spaced apart with a center parting down the middle. You can either gather all of your hair up into the buns or do a half up half down style with two small buns at the top of your head with the rest left down. The best part about this look is there is no styling necessary, take your hair in it’s most natural state, clean or dirty and use a boar bristle brush and use it to smooth all of your hair back. If fly aways are a problem for you don’t fret, a little gel or serum on your fingers or a comb will take care of them easily.

FKA Twigs showing how space buns can be fun and elegant
If you want an even simpler solution on how to get NYE ready with little to no effort look no further, I’ve got the solution for you. Hair accessories are the quickest and chicest way to pull a look together. Simply throw your hair in a low bun or messy pony and add a hair accessory. There are endless options, from bejeweled headbands to a vintage inspired pin or barrette and even faux flowers. The best thing about hair accessories is that you can match them to the look you are going for. If you’re party is time period themed this is a perfect way to elevate your look. For a retro 50’s look add a pearl barrette to a pin curled do. A 70’s look would be spot on paired with a headband and some Farrah Fawcett waves.

Emmy Rossum wearing an elegant hair accessory that matches perfectly with her earrings
Be creative with your look and most of all have fun! Cheers to 2018!
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Did you ever think leaving the house with wet hair would actually be on trend? Me either…but we’re in luck. Okay, so the hair in this look isn’t actually wet but it’s made to look like it is. This look that was featured on runways of designers like Prabal Gurung, Creatures of Comfort, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Coach, and Fenty Puma by Rihanna this past NY Fashion Week. This look is a cross between “just stepped out of the ocean Baywatch babe” and “got stuck in a rainstorm on my way to work chic.” Whichever look you are trying to embody, this style isn’t difficult to create and can add a very high fashion feel to your overall look. Lets talk about a few different ways to wear and create it.
If you want to go full out with this style and embrace the overall wet look let me tell you how. Start with hair fresh out of the shower or dampen your hair down with a spray bottle. This look is ideal for embracing your natural texture because no real styling goes into it. Grab a leave in cream product that’ll keep the hair looking wet while maintaining the softness of the hair. The key to is to keep this entire look from going crunchy or it can look very outdated. Run the product throughout the hair from roots to ends. Blow dry the hair on a low heat to seal in the texture and wet look. To finish apply a shine serum all over the hair to keep it looking fresh all day long.

Lily Aldridge walking for Jason Wu fully embracing the wet hair trend
If you aren’t sure about committing to all over wet look but still want to test out the trend try something a little less daring and only wet the top part of your hair. You can either leave the remainder of your hair down and in loose waves like the photo of Zendaya below. This still pulls all the hair away from the face in a very smooth way while keeping texture in the bottom part of the hair. It’s a perfect combination of classic and mature while still being soft and feminine.

Zendaya partially adopting this trend keeping it sleek only at her roots
Or pull the the rest of your hair back and into a glossy sleek bun or pony like Tavi Gevinson, also pictured below. It just depends on how slick and sophisticated you are wanting to go and how far you want to take this trend. If you decide to go all the way and wear your hair in a bun make sure it’s as tight as possible to maintain the clean look. Try putting your hair into a tight bun and using a tint brush to paint on the styling product. This technique slicks down all fly aways and gives great control of the product.

Tavi Gevinson opting for a glossy all over tight low bun
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Revival is all the rage with trends nowadays so it’s only fair we take a page from the 80’s book. No, I don’t mean perms…thank goodness. I’m talking about the flip. The flip isn’t so much a haircut or style but just one motion that can transform your entire look. Tired of your dull middle part?
try parting your hair deeply to one side and teasing for a little volume at the crown. There are a few different versions of this look so let’s touch on them.
The voluminous flip is probably the most wearable for any hair type. This style combines textured hair and lots of volume. What keeps this look modern is that the volume is concentrated at the top of the head, this way it prevents the hair from looking outdated. No matter what texture your hair is you can enhance it using the designated product and pair it with this motion. If your hair is curly try a curl enhancing cream and apply on wet or damp hair so it doesn’t dry crunchy. Straighter hair can mimic texture with some sea salt spray and a diffuser. Regardless of your hair type, blow dry your har lifting it at the root to get that desired volume.

Kristen Stewart is well known for her tousled locks and voluminous flip
The smooth flip is a good option if you visit a salon weekly or often to get your hair styled. It’s basically a blow out with a deep side part and voluminous roots. Great if you are trying to look polished without looking matronly. This look will last you days so if you’re on the go just spray some dry shampoo at your roots and flip your head upside down working the dry shampoo in. Your locks will look like you just had a fresh blow out.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking classic while wearing the smooth flip
Last but certainly not least, the “Victorias Secret” flip. As the name suggests it is essentially that Victorias Secret Angel look that the girls rock on the runway. This look is so sought after because it’s soft, feminine, sexy, and voluminous all in one. It takes a little more effort and there a few more steps but it is worth it for the gorgeous result. First you’ll want to start wet hair and blow it out using a round brush and applying a volumizing mousse prior. Blow dry the hair up and out creating as much volume as possible. When removing the brush from the hair twist it to form a curl in the hair as it falls. After you do this all over your head take a 1-2 inch curling iron or wand, depending on the length of your hair, and create your waves. Wrap the hair loosely around the barrel and pull at the strand as it cools to relax the curl. After you complete your entire head of hair mist it with a light hold hairspray to hold the style while still keeping it bouncy and shiny.

VS Angel Taylor Hill is the prime example of the “Victorias Secret” flip
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Want to look perfectly undone for a night out or special event? We’ve got the perfect style for you, romantic braids. This style adds a touch of romance and makes any look more feminine. Whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt for a casual date night out or pairing it with an evening gown for a more formal event this look compliments all occasions. This look is a more modern take on the traditional slicked back classic braid. An advantage to wearing this style is that it will take much less time than the traditional version. These braids work best on dirty hair for added texture. So, it is the perfect option if you are going out and just don’t have time to wash and style your hair. Just washed your hair but still want to achieve this look? No worries, grab your favorite sea salt or texture spray and some dry shampoo. As well as absorbing the excess oil in your hair the dry shampoo will add some grittiness and volume at your roots. While the texture spray pieces up your mid lengths and ends to give the braid some grip.

In the photo above Eva Longoria showcases the perfect messy braid. With a deep side part, tons of volume, and pulled out pieces it compliments her subtle gown beautifully. Eva made her braid even more interesting by choosing the fish tail braid. Fish tail braids are made up of two overlapping sections of hair rather than three like the classic.
In the photo below Emily Ratajkowski is a perfect example of how the classic braid can be made modern. The braid is gathered at the nape of her neck and pulled apart. While the majority of her hair that frames her face is flowing freely to add some movement. This is a great option for someone who wants to wear their hair in some sort of an updo but prefers to not have all their hair pulled away from their face.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want to have your hair completely off your face that’s an option as well. In the photo above of Lucy Liu she starts her braid at the top of her head and it cascades around. Perfect if you have old bangs that are growing out and want to keep them out of your face.
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As discussed in previous blog posts, beach waves have been all the rage this year. But have you heard of the flat iron wave? Similar to the beach wave but with no body or bounce, the flat iron wave is effortlessly cool. With less “curl” than a beach wave, flat iron waves give hair that perfect undone texture. This look leans towards the straighter side but adds something extra.
There are a few ways to achieve this look. The first one and easiest being parting your hair in two sections. Whether it be down the middle or off to the side is completely your personal preference. Next loosely braid those two sections all the way down as far as you’re able. This next step is key, don’t use a hair tie to tie off the braids, I repeat, no hair tie! Clamp a flat iron in sections over the braid all the way down using your fingers to pinch the braid at the bottom to keep it from coming undone. This way you maintain the braid without getting a crease from the hair tie. After you’re done let the braids cool and then take them out. Run your fingers through the length of your hair to loosen the wave and add some sea salt spray for added texture and to hold the style.

Emma Stone’s lob is complimented beautifully with these textured flat iron waves
Another type of flat iron wave is the “S Wave”, like the name suggests, this type of wave has an “S” like formation. All of the waves are going the same direction for a more uniform look. This style looks very old Hollywood with a modern twist. To achieve this look grasp a strand of hair from the bottom and push it up to create a slight bend in the S formation. Clamp the flat iron down on the hair to seal it in place and continue this going down the strand of hair alternating directions. This will give you a consistent alternating wave pattern similar to the one you’ll get in the style we mentioned above. But with a little more definition, with this style you can choose how closely or spaced apart you want the wave pattern to be. After completing your whole head you can choose to brush the waves out to really glam it up or keep them messy and modern.

Jennifer Lawrence is a perfect example of how to make flat iron waves glam.

Jenna Dewan Tatum keeping her flat iron waves pieced out and messy.
*Bonus Celebrity Hair Stylist Tip: Always use heat protectant when using hot tools to maintain the health of your hair!*
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It’s Wedding Season…(almost)! (KIM KARDASHIAN + HILARY DUFF)

September is just around the corner which means it’s almost peak wedding season! September is the one of the most popular month for weddings so you better start planning! Let’s talk hair. A wedding style should be long lasting, comfortable, and beautiful, of course. There are so many different directions you could go with wedding hair styles so let’s touch on some of them.
Classic and simple updo’s are always a great choice for weddings. These styles are timeless and will stand the test of time when you look back at photos from your special day. Another plus about these do’s is that they will last you all night and you won’t get hot while dancing the night away! A bouffant style bun pictured below on Hillary Duff on her wedding day showcases how elegant these simple looks can be. You don’t have to worry about your curls falling or hair being out of place, these looks are truly one and done. They also pair wonderfully with extravagant dresses or gowns with detail on the back so you get the full effect.

If you still want something simple and easy to wear but aren’t a fan of your hair being up try a wearing your hair down with the front pieces slicked or pinned back. This way your hair is out of your face but you can have the rest of your locks flowing freely. With this style you have the option of wearing the hair that is left down wavy or more on the straight side like this photo of Kim Kardashian on her wedding day below. Kim opts for a middle part with the hair around her face pinned back, leaving the rest of her hair down with a slight bend to it for some added texture. You won’t be brushing your bangs out of your face and it’ll show off your glamorous wedding day makeup. Pair this look with an off the shoulder gown and let your hair cascade over your shoulders.

Beach waves and pulled out messy braids have been very on trend these past few years and can be a gorgeous addition to any wedding. Whether your wedding is actually on the beach or you just want to bring a little bit of paradise to your special day. These looks are dressy yet casual. Combining the waves with pulled out braids makes this style look put together while still being effortless and undone. Try something like these looks below for your special day. Start with beachy waves and add a traditional or waterfall braid around your crown, pull pieces out for a messy look and to make it even more unique add some flowers or gem hair accessories for sparkle.


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Go-To Spring Break Hair Styles ( Shay Mitchell + Hallie Steinfeld )

Spring Break and vacation season is finally here ladies! There is seriously nothing better than spending a week having some fun in the sun, right?! Well, we have some super easy, cute hair styles to show you that you can either wear during the day to keep your hair protected and out of your way, or at night to add a little bit something extra to that special vacay outfit you have been dying to show off! Let’s jump right in!
Twist it Back
This hairstyle is so simple and easy to do, but it looks like you spent a ton of time! Simply take a section of hair from each side of your head and twist it back, securing with a hair elastic. You can wrap a piece of hair from the ponytail around the elastic, just like the photo, if you would like! This would be gorgeous paired with a dress or casual with your bikini and some shorts!

Half-Up Bun
The half-up bun is always a great option for day or night! It can be worn during the day to keep your hair out of your face as you lounge on the beach, or as a trendy hair style for night time with your favorite dress at dinner! Our favorite gal Shay Mitchell pulls of this look flawlessly with her natural waves, which is what vacation hair is all about!

Faux Corn Rows
We have seen celebrities rocking the cornrows left and right these days, but it really is a great, and practical vacation look! There is no need to head to the salon for this look, when you can get the look at home! Simply part your hair in the center and create two skinny, cornrows going straight back! Let your natural waves do their thing, and you are all set! Hallie Steinfeld is rocking this look!

Messy Bun + Braids
This look is on that, when you are on vacation, you can pull off wearing during the day or at night! It might look intimidating, but it is actually super easy to do! Simply make two braids starting at the top of your head and gather all of your hair into a low, messy bun! This is sort of a messy, beach version of an up-do for night time! We are obsessed!

Classic French Braids
French braids are a vacation hair staple! If you don’t know how to do them to your own hair, the chances are, someone in your crew can help you out. These braids keep your hair out of your face and protected from tangles and chlorine! Plus, how adorable are they!?

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How Often Should You Wash, Deep Condition, and Trim to Keep Your Hair Healthy? (Jessica Alba + Mila Kunis)

There are thousands of opinions floating around out there about how often you trim, wash, condition, etc, and we are here to set the record straight today! Whether you are trying to grow out your mermaid locks, or maintain your cut, we have tips for you so you can always look your best.
When it comes to washing your hair, there are lots of different opinions out there. Some people wash their hair everyday, and others only wash their hair a few times a week. If you have been reading our blog for a while, then you know that we recommend only washing your hair when necessary. It is totally healthy to let your hair nourish itself in its natural oils. When you wash your hair with the harsh chemicals of shampoo, your hair is stripped of its natural oils and forced to over-produce, which creates an imbalance in your hair. You might actually be making your hair more oily by washing it more! Try washing your hair every other day to start! It will train your hair to produce less oil, and after a while you might be able to go two days without washing your mane. Of course, if you work out, or you actually need to wash your hair, then go for it girl, and enjoy that shower! However, otherwise, make that dry shampoo your best friend! Bonus-hairstyles hold better when your hair is a bit dirty!
We recommend deep conditioning at least once a week! Deep conditioning your hair is something that you can do inside or outside of the shower. It really depends on your preference! If you are going to be home all day, or cleaning for a few hours, throw some deep conditioner in your damp hair and put it in a bun to soak up some extra moisture. Deep conditioning your hair is especially important to do after you have spent a long time in the sun, or you have colored your hair lighter. Trust us, your hair will thank you for the extra moisture!

When to get a trim is possibly the most controversial out of our three topics today. People who are trying to grow their hair out usually do not want to trim their hair with the fear that they will loose to much length. However, if you let your hair grow too long that it develops too much breakage, more hair will end up being cut off to leave you with healthy hair and you will end up going backwards in your growth progress. With that being said, If you want to grow out your hair, we recommend getting a trim every three months at the longest to ensure that you do not get too much breakage. If you are trying to maintain your haircut, we recommend getting a trim every 4-6 weeks.

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Celebrity Street Style:Hair Styles You Can Actually Re-Create (Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Candace Swanepoel, Julianne Hough, Selena Gomez, Olivia Palermo)

Celebrities are just like us right? Believe it or not, sometimes celebrities have to do their own hair and makeup, and it is nice to see how they choose to style themselves when they are captured in photos out and about on the streets! Celebrity photos are often what we go to for inspiration for a new look, when we don’t know what to wear, or to catch up on the latest trends, so we have gathered up some of our favorite celebrity street style looks to show you how to get their hair styles! These are super easy and chic looks that you can create on a daily basis!
Braid it Back
Let’s start with the ultimate street style icon, Olivia Palermo! This NYC socialite and blogger is constantly seen sporting the most amazing looks out on the streets of NYC and her hair is no exception! We are loving her hair in this look! The sweet double french braids keep her look sleek, but girly and allow her all black, layered outfit to really be the focus! This is the perfect look for a long day, where you can’t have your hair in your way!

A ponytail is definitely the easiest look to rock on a day to day basis, but there are actually several different ways to style your ponytail! As pictured below, Selena Gomez is wearing a ponytail in two totally different ways. In one look her ponytail is a bit messy, and has more texture for a causal, boho vibe, while in the other photo she is sporting a low, sleek ponytail for a more professional look! These looks require nothing but a hair elastic and maybe some hairspray if you desire!

Tie It Up
We have talked about how much we love the half up bun before, and today is no exception! You really get the best of both worlds! This look is perfect for second day hair, where maybe your hair is a bit dirty, but is still holding volume, or perhaps you had your hair curled the night before! It’s perfect for a casual, daytime look! We love the effortless vibes that both Julianne Hough and Candace Swanepoel are giving is in these photos!

A Bit More Polished
Creating a more polished look just like your favorite celebrities can actually be very easy and quick! Sarah Jessica Parker’s straight, sleek look can be achieved simply by giving your hair a thorough comb through, and then go over each strand, pressing gently and quickly with a straightener! You want to be very relaxed so it does not look too perfect! Jessica Alba’s adorable looks can be recreated by loosely pulling the sides of your hair back and adding some curls to your hair with a large curling iron.

All of these looks take very minimal time and effort and will have you looking amazing! Which look is your favorite?

Hair Styles for Formal Events (Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, The Kardashians)

Around the colder months formal events seem to come up a lot more often and sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to do with your hair! Don’t worry because we have got you covered! Choosing your hair look really depends on your outfit choice, so let’s take some tips from some of our favorite, stylish celebrities and get started!

The Up-do Look:

An up-do is a style that we automatically think of for a formal event. There are so many beautiful options when it comes to an up-do, especially when you want to show off a low-back dress or top or a sparkly detail on your outfit! Sleek topknots, boho-inspired low-buns, and intricate curled styles all fit this category! You just have figure out which style matches your outfit the best! Jennifer Lawrence is definitely our up-do inspiration! This gal has rocked everything from sleek to boho and we love them all!

The Braided Look:

are always a fabulous option when you need to add a little something extra to make your hair stand out and “pop” a bit! If you are wearing a sleek fitted dress, why not rock a gorgeous fishtail braid down your back with some whips pieces framing your face? If you want a more subtle braided look to tone down a wild outfit, you could also go for a crown braid with some soft waves. Blake Lively always has the best braided hairstyles when she hits the red carpet!

The Sleek Look:

If you want to go with a look that is simple, but still sexy, why not go with the sleek look? You can rock this look straight or curly, but the key is to have no frizz or fly-aways. This look is perfect to balance out a loud outfit or party dress, and your gorgeous shiny hair will stand on its own! The Kardashian gals are definitely the queens of this look!

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