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How Often Should You Wash, Deep Condition, and Trim to Keep Your Hair Healthy? (Jessica Alba + Mila Kunis)

There are thousands of opinions floating around out there about how often you trim, wash, condition, etc, and we are here to set the record straight today! Whether you are trying to grow out your mermaid locks, or maintain your cut, we have tips for you so you can always look your best.
When it comes to washing your hair, there are lots of different opinions out there. Some people wash their hair everyday, and others only wash their hair a few times a week. If you have been reading our blog for a while, then you know that we recommend only washing your hair when necessary. It is totally healthy to let your hair nourish itself in its natural oils. When you wash your hair with the harsh chemicals of shampoo, your hair is stripped of its natural oils and forced to over-produce, which creates an imbalance in your hair. You might actually be making your hair more oily by washing it more! Try washing your hair every other day to start! It will train your hair to produce less oil, and after a while you might be able to go two days without washing your mane. Of course, if you work out, or you actually need to wash your hair, then go for it girl, and enjoy that shower! However, otherwise, make that dry shampoo your best friend! Bonus-hairstyles hold better when your hair is a bit dirty!
We recommend deep conditioning at least once a week! Deep conditioning your hair is something that you can do inside or outside of the shower. It really depends on your preference! If you are going to be home all day, or cleaning for a few hours, throw some deep conditioner in your damp hair and put it in a bun to soak up some extra moisture. Deep conditioning your hair is especially important to do after you have spent a long time in the sun, or you have colored your hair lighter. Trust us, your hair will thank you for the extra moisture!

When to get a trim is possibly the most controversial out of our three topics today. People who are trying to grow their hair out usually do not want to trim their hair with the fear that they will loose to much length. However, if you let your hair grow too long that it develops too much breakage, more hair will end up being cut off to leave you with healthy hair and you will end up going backwards in your growth progress. With that being said, If you want to grow out your hair, we recommend getting a trim every three months at the longest to ensure that you do not get too much breakage. If you are trying to maintain your haircut, we recommend getting a trim every 4-6 weeks.

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8 Tips for Hair Waves Made Easy!

Wavy hair is gorgeous, sexy & fun. But how do you get them just right? Experiment with these 8 tips to see if you can find your perfect hair wave.
1. Curly Q: Use curlers
● Place curlers on wet hair for best results
2. Twister: Twist and flat iron clamp
● Twist a small section around you fingers and bunch it into a ball then clamp it together.
3. Bun fun: While hair is wet twist into a bun on top of your head or channel your inner Princess Leia and clip buns on each side. Leave until hair is dry and gently release for flowy locks.
4. Braided while wet: add mouse, braid on each side, once dry gently unbraid and run your fingers through
5. Beach waves in a bottle: Spray and scrunch while hair is wet
6. Flat Iron curling
7. Use Round brush (Avoid metal brushes) and use hairdryer with nozzle
8. Curling Iron
● For tips 6, 7 & 8 section hair into 1-2 inch pieces and curl away from face.
● Fun tip: Play with different size pieces to give you a messier look.
Talk to your stylist about what you are trying to achieve. They can give you the inside scoop on what techniques and products will work best with your hair type.
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10 Tips to Avoid Pesky Split Ends!

Split ends are a fact of life! They occur when the hair cuticle wears away because of heat styling, salon chemical services, and normal wear and tear. So what can you do to avoid them?
1. The most obvious: Trim your hair
2. Treat your tresses to our deep conditioning triple protein hair treatment
3. Use leave-in conditioner (we like Oribe’s Supershine lite)
4. Remove as much moisture as possible gently with towel
5. Use a wide tooth comb
6. Say NO to high heat especially on your ends
7. Avoid tight, rubber ponytail holders
8. Take your vitamins
9. Brush your hair lightly starting at ends and working up
10. Shampoo the scalp only, not your ends and follow up with conditioning ends only
Remember the best conditioner is scissors !
If you are getting regular trims and are experiencing more split ends then usual talk to your stylist. They can help you pinpoint the cause to avoid in the future.
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10 Tips to Grow Out Your Hair!

Remember that your hair will not grow out overnight. Use these tips to help your hair stay healthy and encourage growth.
1. Don’t skimp on the trims.
2. Eat lots of protein.
3. Take supplements, like biotin, that encourage hair growth. Ask your stylist what they recommend.
4. Avoid using excessive heat. This can add to split ends and breakage.
5. Apply a weekly conditioning or hot oil treatment.
6. Don’t shampoo everyday and avoid silicone shampoos.
7. Change your pillowcase to silk or satin. Cotton causes more friction and strips moisture.
8. Avoid ponytails.
9. Massage your scalp regularly.
10. At the end of each shower blast a cold-water rinse.
Talk to your stylist about what you are trying to do with your hair. They can help you plan it out so you can keep your beautiful locks looking gorgeous until you achieve your desired length.