5 Office-Appropriate Hair Styles You Can Wear into the Night

The Slicked-Back, Low Pony
The ponytail is probably the most basic hairstyle out there, but this look is far from basic. The slicked-back low ponytail is super sexy and sleek! Especially with a middle part, this is definitely a straightforward, no fuss look that will turn heads at the office. With you hair out of your face, your facial features and décolletage are shown off and it looks pretty and feminine, while sporting your strong hairstyle. After work pair this hairstyle with a top or dress with a high-neckline, and you are ready for the night! Three cheers for easy, but super pretty looks!
The Voluminous High Pony
Another take on the age-old ponytail! The voluminous, high ponytail is a playful look that is still very appropriate for the work environment. It keeps your hair off of your face and away from your workspace, while making you look really effortless and cool! This is a great hairstyle for second or even third day hair. Just spray some dry shampoo and give your hair some texture with curls, waves, or whatever you prefer. Then just throw it up in a high-pony and you are set! The more textured the better for this look! A voluminous high-ponytail would look gorgeous with a low-back dress for grabbing drinks after work!
The Sleek Top-Knot
Now, don’t lie-we all throw our hair up into a comfy bun the second we get home from work. With a sleek top-knot, your workday won’t be interrupted by your hair getting in the way, plus you will look super professional! Be sure your hair is tangle free, twist it up into your favorite top-knot look, spray some strong hold shine spray, and you have the perfect sexy, yet work appropriate look that will last all day! Plus- it will show off that new lipstick you have been dying to try!
The Glossy Waves
Pretty waves seem to make an appearance quite often these days in the hair world! This look is effortless and put-together at the same time, which is why so many women love it! It gives a feminine, relaxed feel to your structured work outfit, and is the perfect, easy transition for your night time plans! Give your hair an after-work boost with a shine spray and a scrunch and you are ready to take on the night!
The Shiny and Straight
This is the perfect look for women who have less texture in their hair, and it is also a great “running-late” look! Apply your heat protectant and give your hair a few swipes with a straightening iron and you are looking sleek and ready to rock your morning meeting! This a strong look that pairs well with practically any outfit. Whether you part your hair in the middle or on the side, this style definitely makes a statement and is a great look for the evening as well!
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Three Simple Steps to Keeping Your Color Vibrant

There really is nothing better than a fresh new hair color! As you saw in our last post, there are some gorgeous color trends popping up for fall, and we want to help you look and feel your best! Vibrant hair color makes you feel so put-together and confident, so why not make your color last as long as possible? Here are three simple steps to keep your color looking fabulous, healthy, and fresh!

Moisturize Inside and Out

Keeping your body hydrated and healthy plays a huge role in how shiny and healthy your hair looks! Be sure you are getting your eight cups of water daily, and maybe even shoot for more if you are an over-achiever. Not only will a hydrated body reflect in you skin, but your hair will also be glossier and brighter. Making sure your hair is moisturized on the outside will also help you look your best! Give yourself a coconut oil treatment once a week while you do your nails and watch your favorite movie, and your hair will thank you!

Let Your Hair Get Dirty

That’s right- let your hair get dirty! Washing your hair everyday strips your hair of its natural oils which leaves your hair looking dull and your color looking faded. If you have extremely oily hair, try washing your hair every other day, using dry shampoo on your roots on the in-between days. If your hair is not super prone to oil, try to go two or three days between washing your hair. It can sounds gross, but your hair gets used to it, and after a while of training your hair, your won’t produce as much oil because you are not stripping you hair of its natural oils. You will notice that when you wash your hair it will be shinier and much more healthy! Also, dirty hair holds a style super well!

Be Picky with your products

Choosing products to use on color treated hair is really important! There are products specifically made for colored hair, and using those products combined with a great moisture routine will leave your color looking great! Another great product to choose when you are trying to keep your hair vibrant is a 100% wooden brush! A wooden brush absorbs oil much better than a plastic brush, and it evenly distributes your hairs natural oils throughout your hair. It also makes your hair look extremely silky because of how gentle the bristles are on the scalp and the rest of your hair.
Taking care of your hair and keeping it healthy and moisturized is really the key to having vibrant, glossy hair color! Giving your hair what it needs will make for some happy locks that reward you with lots of “good hair days!”. Do you have a vibrant hair tip? We want to hear from you! Be sure to leave a comment or tag us on Twitter (
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Fall Color Trends

Changing up your look when the seasons change is a super great way to add some excitement to your life! Trying out a new hair color trend for fall with make you feel refreshed and ready to finish off the second half of 2015 looking fabulous! There are four main color trends that are popping up this Fall, and we can’t wait to test them out! With everything from dark, rich brown to almost blonde, there is definitely a color for everyone to rock this season!

Chocolate Brown

This beautiful, rich color might just be the most common fall hair color around, but that is because it is so gorgeous! Shiny, dark locks look so endearing and classic on pretty much all skin tones. This color is classy, but can also look bold and daring depending on how you style it! Dark, chocolaty hair brings out dark facial features, and it also makes blue eyes pop! This hair color can still look like it has dimension, especially when it is super shiny and glossy! Actress Lily James pulls of this look with perfection!

 Dark Highlights

When we think highlights we often think about blonde, light tones, but this pretty look gives a new meaning to highlights! Dark Highlights are a great way to lighten up your dark locks without going to the extreme. Adding some dimension with some subtle, copper-brown tones brightens up the face and gives you a new look, while still being fairly subtle. Focusing the dark highlights on the lower half of the hair makes a bit of an ombre effect, and is super pretty when it catches the light! This look would be great for someone who wants to switch up their hair for fall, but doesn’t want to commit to an entirely different color! Isabeli Fontana’s shoulder length cut looks amazing with some subtle auburn highlights!


Shades of copper is a huge color trend for this fall! This bright color goes hand in hand with warm, honey skin tones and looks gorgeous for the upcoming season! This is the perfect look for someone who wants a bold, new look and who wants to make a statement! Eve Mendes and Rihanna are two women who definitely know how to rock their copper toned hair!


This gorgeous color trend is definitely the easiest transition for those who have been rocking the super blonde locks! Simply blend it out with some darker hues and you have yourself a new look for fall, while still keeping your sunny shade! This look has a “lived-in”, laid-back vibe, and looks like you have been naturally kissed by the sun. Cara Delevingne wears this look beautifully, and shows us that you can in fact be blonde and brunette at the same time!
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Three Hair-Safe Options for Halloween Hair Color

Halloween is coming up fast and we know this is the time to go crazy with your look! Whether you are dying your hair a fun color or attempting a different style, there is always a way to protect your hair. Having fun with your hair is a Halloween must, but some temporary dye products can be damaging! One night is not worth hurting your beautiful locks, so stick to these three hair-safe options, and you will be in the clear!
1. Wear a wig or clip-in color extensions!
Wearing a wig or clip-in color extensions is definitely the most hair-safe option out of the bunch! If you are just going out for a night and need to be at work at 7am the next morning, then this is probably the best option for you! Wigs will not damage your hair at all while you are dancing the night away at a costume party, and you won’t have to worry about any residue color dyes, which most temporary colors tend to leave. You can even put some deep conditioner or coconut oil on your ends before tying your hair up into your wig cap! Now that’s what we call multi-tasking!
2. Use hair chalk!
Hair chalk is a really fun option for someone who is looking for a more subtle color look! Unless it is applied excessively, hair chalk tends to apply fairly light. As long as you let the product completely dry it will not get on your clothes or your costume, and it is a great temporary color solution for Halloween! The chalk washes out super easily with shampoo, or you can leave it and braid your hair into a fishtail braid for a pretty,mermaid look for breakfast with the girls after a fun night!
3. Try some color gel!
If you are looking for a bright hair color this Halloween then gel hair color is definitely the best option for you! Manic Panic has an awesome line of gel colors and they are sure to give you the bright look you are looking for! The best part about these are that they wash out super easily with shampoo, so nobody at work will know you had purple hair the night before!
Trying out a crazy,new look for Halloween is definitely a must! What other day of the heat year can you have rainbow hair and not have anybody think twice?! Just be sure to be safe with your color options and be nice to your hair this Halloween! Do you have any hair-safe Halloween tips?? We want to hear them! Tweet us @jfrancisbeauty Or tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty!

8 Tips for Hair Waves Made Easy!

Wavy hair is gorgeous, sexy & fun. But how do you get them just right? Experiment with these 8 tips to see if you can find your perfect hair wave.
1. Curly Q: Use curlers
● Place curlers on wet hair for best results
2. Twister: Twist and flat iron clamp
● Twist a small section around you fingers and bunch it into a ball then clamp it together.
3. Bun fun: While hair is wet twist into a bun on top of your head or channel your inner Princess Leia and clip buns on each side. Leave until hair is dry and gently release for flowy locks.
4. Braided while wet: add mouse, braid on each side, once dry gently unbraid and run your fingers through
5. Beach waves in a bottle: Spray and scrunch while hair is wet
6. Flat Iron curling
7. Use Round brush (Avoid metal brushes) and use hairdryer with nozzle
8. Curling Iron
● For tips 6, 7 & 8 section hair into 1-2 inch pieces and curl away from face.
● Fun tip: Play with different size pieces to give you a messier look.
Talk to your stylist about what you are trying to achieve. They can give you the inside scoop on what techniques and products will work best with your hair type.

10 Tips to Avoid Pesky Split Ends!

Split ends are a fact of life! They occur when the hair cuticle wears away because of heat styling, salon chemical services, and normal wear and tear. So what can you do to avoid them?
1. The most obvious: Trim your hair
2. Treat your tresses to our deep conditioning triple protein hair treatment
3. Use leave-in conditioner (we like Oribe’s Supershine lite)
4. Remove as much moisture as possible gently with towel
5. Use a wide tooth comb
6. Say NO to high heat especially on your ends
7. Avoid tight, rubber ponytail holders
8. Take your vitamins
9. Brush your hair lightly starting at ends and working up
10. Shampoo the scalp only, not your ends and follow up with conditioning ends only
Remember the best conditioner is scissors !
If you are getting regular trims and are experiencing more split ends then usual talk to your stylist. They can help you pinpoint the cause to avoid in the future.

10 Tips to Grow Out Your Hair!

Remember that your hair will not grow out overnight. Use these tips to help your hair stay healthy and encourage growth.
1. Don’t skimp on the trims.
2. Eat lots of protein.
3. Take supplements, like biotin, that encourage hair growth. Ask your stylist what they recommend.
4. Avoid using excessive heat. This can add to split ends and breakage.
5. Apply a weekly conditioning or hot oil treatment.
6. Don’t shampoo everyday and avoid silicone shampoos.
7. Change your pillowcase to silk or satin. Cotton causes more friction and strips moisture.
8. Avoid ponytails.
9. Massage your scalp regularly.
10. At the end of each shower blast a cold-water rinse.
Talk to your stylist about what you are trying to do with your hair. They can help you plan it out so you can keep your beautiful locks looking gorgeous until you achieve your desired length.