Celebrity Street Style:Hair Styles You Can Actually Re-Create (Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Candace Swanepoel, Julianne Hough, Selena Gomez, Olivia Palermo)

Celebrities are just like us right? Believe it or not, sometimes celebrities have to do their own hair and makeup, and it is nice to see how they choose to style themselves when they are captured in photos out and about on the streets! Celebrity photos are often what we go to for inspiration for a new look, when we don’t know what to wear, or to catch up on the latest trends, so we have gathered up some of our favorite celebrity street style looks to show you how to get their hair styles! These are super easy and chic looks that you can create on a daily basis!
Braid it Back
Let’s start with the ultimate street style icon, Olivia Palermo! This NYC socialite and blogger is constantly seen sporting the most amazing looks out on the streets of NYC and her hair is no exception! We are loving her hair in this look! The sweet double french braids keep her look sleek, but girly and allow her all black, layered outfit to really be the focus! This is the perfect look for a long day, where you can’t have your hair in your way!

A ponytail is definitely the easiest look to rock on a day to day basis, but there are actually several different ways to style your ponytail! As pictured below, Selena Gomez is wearing a ponytail in two totally different ways. In one look her ponytail is a bit messy, and has more texture for a causal, boho vibe, while in the other photo she is sporting a low, sleek ponytail for a more professional look! These looks require nothing but a hair elastic and maybe some hairspray if you desire!

Tie It Up
We have talked about how much we love the half up bun before, and today is no exception! You really get the best of both worlds! This look is perfect for second day hair, where maybe your hair is a bit dirty, but is still holding volume, or perhaps you had your hair curled the night before! It’s perfect for a casual, daytime look! We love the effortless vibes that both Julianne Hough and Candace Swanepoel are giving is in these photos!

A Bit More Polished
Creating a more polished look just like your favorite celebrities can actually be very easy and quick! Sarah Jessica Parker’s straight, sleek look can be achieved simply by giving your hair a thorough comb through, and then go over each strand, pressing gently and quickly with a straightener! You want to be very relaxed so it does not look too perfect! Jessica Alba’s adorable looks can be recreated by loosely pulling the sides of your hair back and adding some curls to your hair with a large curling iron.

All of these looks take very minimal time and effort and will have you looking amazing! Which look is your favorite?

Spring Cuts: (Vanessa Hudgens + Jennifer Aniston + Chrissy Teigen + Ali Larter + Olivia Wilde)

It is starting to warm up a bit, which means its time to give your look a boost! We have gathered the seasons hottest, new trends in hair cuts and brought them right here for you! These looks are classics that will look chic, beautiful, and stunning with all of your amazing Spring fashions we know you can’t wait to bust out of of your closets! So, let’s jump right in to this season’s hottest trends in haircuts!
Layers are the perfect option for the gal that just wants to add a bit of freshness to her hair for the new season. A drastic change isn’t her speed, but she still wants to look chic and on-trend. Layers give your hair dimension and shape and allow your hair to look more voluminous and full. Vanessa Hudgens is known to rock this look!

A mid-length cut is awesome for someone who doesn’t want to take the plunge and chop off too much hair, but they still get a dramatic look with the blunt edge. Khloe Kardashian has rocked this look for years, but most recently, Chrissy Teigen has been seen looking absolutely stunning with this look!

The a-line look is a bit more bold, but a great transition cut for those that want to test out a short look! Going shorter in the back allows you to still have the comfort of the longer hair the in the front while testing the waters of the length in the back. Ali Larter has the perfect length a-line bob!

The long bob is a style that almost any face shape can wear! Whether you wear is with texture or blown-out straight, it still looks beautiful. Olivia Wilde’s rocks a beautiful, textured bob with soft bangs

If you aren’t in to chopping off your locks, but still want a fresh, new do, then why not add some spunky layers? It is a fun, sexy look that is put-together and easy to style! Jennifer Aniston’s choppy layered look is gorgeous and simple!

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What Hairstyle Should I Get? (Ginnifer Goodwin, Selena Gomez, Keira Knightley, Ashley Greene, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, and Taylor Swift)

Sometimes you want to switch up your look but you aren’t exactly sure where to start. There a few little things to consider when choosing a new hair style for yourself that will help you pick a look that will make you look your best! We have them all laid out here for you along with some of our favorite celebrity inspiration photos to make your hair transformation journey as smooth-sailing as possible!

Step #1: Determine your length based on your face shape

Choosing the most flattering length for you is highly based on your face shape! You can easily determine your face shape based on the photos included below, and after you have done that, you are open to world of possibilities when it comes to hairstyles! A few examples of flattering lengths for each face shape are as follows:

Oval: For a short cut, try out a short, angular bob with chin-length layers like Keira Knightley. On the long side, go for a sleek, shoulder-length blowout like Ashley Greene!

Round: For a short cut, go for some spiky layers like Ginnifer Goodwin! If long hair is more your speed, go for long layers that hit around your jaw-line like Selena Gomez.

Square: Try out a short, layered bob with subtle bangs for a short cut like Cameron Diaz! For a longer style, try out collarbone-length hair with longer bangs to the cheekbone Jessica Simpson.

Heart: A pixie cut with short layers on the top is the perfect short cut for heart shaped gals like Halle Berry! For a long cut, try out a collarbone length cut or a super long layers with full bangs Like Taylor Swift!

Step #2: Choose your hair color based on your skin tone
You want to be sure to choose a hair color that flatters your skin tone and makes sense for your lifestyle! Determining whether your skin tone is deep, warm, cool, or neutral is essential in figuring out the most flattering hair color for you! This is something that your hairstylist can do for you when you come in for your consultation! Giving you the most flattering look is what they are trained to do,so you are sure to walk out the salon looking fabulous!
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The Man Bun (Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Chris Hemsworth)

We always talk about the ladies over here on the blog, so it was definitely time to let the guys shine for a moment! Men’s hair styles are not talked about online nearly as much as women’s hairstyles, and we have one particular men’s style that we would like to harp on today- the man bun! We have all seen it and heard about it, and this style is definitely one of those “love it or hate it” sort of styles. From surfer dudes to Hollywood stars, this hairstyle is making girls swoon, so let’s jump in to how you can get the perfect man bun!
The first step in achieving the perfect man bun is obviously having hair that is long enough to go into a bun. Once your hair hits about shoulder length or a bit above, you should be able to get most of your hair into some form of a bun. Growing out your hair can be a chore, but just be sure to keep it healthy and moisture to maximize growth and speed up the process as much as possible. If you choose to have long hair then you really have to make the commitment to take care of your mane, otherwise it won’t be worth the hassle.
Next, there are a few different types of man buns you can choose from. Those with long, this hair can go for the full-on swirly bun, but those whose hair is not as long can maybe go for more of a “loop” style. You want to be aware of the placement of your man bun on your head. Too low looks strange as well as too high. Typically, a man bun sits at the back of the head, slightly lower than the crown. However with confidence and the right thickness and texture, you can rock your bun wherever you choose. To give your bun more of a hold, adding a styling product such as a gel or a mouse can really help to hold your hair in place! There is nothing more annoying than having to re-do your bun over and over again through out the day. Trust the ladies on that one, guys!

Our major man bun inspirations are Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Chris Hemsworth. All of these men rock their man buns with style and we can’t get enough!

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Hair Styles for Formal Events (Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, The Kardashians)

Around the colder months formal events seem to come up a lot more often and sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to do with your hair! Don’t worry because we have got you covered! Choosing your hair look really depends on your outfit choice, so let’s take some tips from some of our favorite, stylish celebrities and get started!

The Up-do Look:

An up-do is a style that we automatically think of for a formal event. There are so many beautiful options when it comes to an up-do, especially when you want to show off a low-back dress or top or a sparkly detail on your outfit! Sleek topknots, boho-inspired low-buns, and intricate curled styles all fit this category! You just have figure out which style matches your outfit the best! Jennifer Lawrence is definitely our up-do inspiration! This gal has rocked everything from sleek to boho and we love them all!

The Braided Look:

are always a fabulous option when you need to add a little something extra to make your hair stand out and “pop” a bit! If you are wearing a sleek fitted dress, why not rock a gorgeous fishtail braid down your back with some whips pieces framing your face? If you want a more subtle braided look to tone down a wild outfit, you could also go for a crown braid with some soft waves. Blake Lively always has the best braided hairstyles when she hits the red carpet!

The Sleek Look:

If you want to go with a look that is simple, but still sexy, why not go with the sleek look? You can rock this look straight or curly, but the key is to have no frizz or fly-aways. This look is perfect to balance out a loud outfit or party dress, and your gorgeous shiny hair will stand on its own! The Kardashian gals are definitely the queens of this look!

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The Perfect Bun (Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens)

The bun is the perfect solution to keeping your hair out of your face while still looking totally cute! It is definitely fun to dress up and do your hair in a fun and unique way every once in a while, so why not try out a look that you don’t go for very often?! A hair bun can actually be super versatile, depending on how you choose to style it, but no matter what, you can make it perfect for your occasion! Keep on reading to learn how to rock the hair bun in three different ways!
1: The Effortless Chic Low Bun
This style seems to be what all the “fashion-girls” are rocking these days and we can see why! It is chic and ready for pretty much any occasion! You can wear this hair style during the day going shopping or lunch with the girls, keeping your hair out of your face, and easily take it into the night time, throwing on a pair of statements earrings to complete the look! As long as your hair is at least shoulder length, you can rock this look without a doubt! Our favorite gal Selena Gomez wears this effortless look with ease!

#2: The Pulled-Together, Classic Top Knot
Whether you are running some errands, or want a stylish look to pair with your high-neck, party dress, the classic top knot is a winner this holiday season! It is totally versatile in how you choose to wear it, depending on if you want it to be super sleek or a bit wispy and messy! Both looks are gorgeous! This bun style keeps your hair out of your face and all the attention on your party dress or makeup look that you spent forever perfecting! Miley Cyrus, is definitely the queen of the top knot!

#3: The Daring, Space-Buns
This look is not for the faint of heart! If you like to make a statement and be bold then give this adorable, quirky look a try! Rather than going for the classic, single bun, go for two! Don’t worry about making perfect buns with this look! Slightly messy buns add to the adorable factor of this style! Vanessa Hudgens wears this looks with ease and looks totally adorable!

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COLOR SERIES: Light Brown (Jennifer Aniston + Jessica Alba)

Light brown, whether it be ashy or golden, is a great color to have if you want a very natural look that can easily be lightened of darkened. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba are perfect models of light brown hair, and we know exactly how to get you the same look.

Ash Light Brown

Ashy, light brown is really on the cooler side of the spectrum when it comes to color. Just like Jessica Alba, ashy light brown looks really beautiful when it is done in a solid color all over the hair. When taken care of correctly, you hair will look healthy, glossy, and shiny. If you had blonde hair as a child, the chances are that your natural hair color is now a light, ash blonde at your roots. Maybe give that color a try and embrace it.
Caring for ashy, light brown hair is actually very easy because brown hair dye does not usually contain as many drying chemicals as blonde hair dye, your hair will appear healthier and very shiny. As we always say, giving your hair a deep condition with coconut oil once a week is still a great idea- especially with the warm summer months upon us.

Golden Light Brown

Golden, light brown is on the warmer side of the color spectrum, and celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston have this style down. The key to Jennifer’s perfect locks is to add some warm, face-framing highlights to the hair to brighten up the look. This creates a warm, sunny look with a very natural glow to the hair. Achieving this look is super easy. Ask your stylist for a light brown, all-over color with some face-framing highlights to brighten it up. This is the perfect summer look for those with light brown hair.
Because there is a bit of blonde in the mix, be sure to tone your hair once a week to keep your hair from getting brassy or too yellow. Follow up with a conditioning treatment of your choice, and your hair will be looking super hot and ready for summer.

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COLOR SERIES: Ombré + Balayage (Jessica Biel + Lauren Conrad)

Celebrities have been rocking the ombré and Balayage trend for years now, and we can definitely see why. This beachy, “cool-girl” look is probably one of the most low maintenance hair colors you can go for. Don’t like touching up your roots? No problem! Let them be free and just touch them up occasionally. In our opinion, this is a hairstyle that will be around for years to come. So give it a try and rock it just like our girls Jessica Biel and Lauren Conrad.

Who Can Rock This Look?

Literally, anybody can pull off the ombré and Balayage hair color! This is a hair color that is specialized to your special tone and shade. Usually your hairstylist will simply take you a few shades lighter with the ombré and Balayage to keep you looking fairly natural and sun-kissed. If your stylist is experienced, you will end up with a perfectly blended mane that is ready for summer. However, knowing the difference between the two color trends is definitely important when you go to your hair appointment.

What’s the Difference Between Ombré and Balayage?

While the two color trends do look very similar, they are actually slightly different, and very important to know so that you get the exact look you want when you hit the salon. Ombre is a gradual fade from the top of your hair to the bottom, with the lightest shade being on the very ends of your hair. A good stylist will be able to give you a really blended, seamless look, but less experienced stylists can create harsh color lines in your hair. Balayage is very similar to ombré, but is a bit more of a blended, natural look. With this look you are going to look sun-kissed, with hand painted pieces of your hair being dyed lighter. This creates a more graduated, natural look.

Caring for your Ombré and Balayage

Taking care of your sun-kissed hair is very important to keep it looking fresh. When caring for your hair you want to be careful that your hair does not get too orange or brassy, especially if you are out in the sun frequently. Using a toning shampoo once a week will really help with keeping your hair bright and blonde. We also really recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep your hair soft and healthy. Going lighter with your hair can often be damaging to your ends, but that is nothing a little coconut oil and drinking lots of water can’t help.
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Color Series: SILVER

Silver hair has been a major trend so far in 2016. This extremely cool-toned color has been seen in magazines, celebrities, and basically all over the internet, and has been dubbed the hot color of the moment. The color seems to have got its start after people were tired of their hair becoming brassy and yellow when they had it dyed blonde. With silver hair, the hair is practically white, and shows no sign of brassiness or yellow. The maintenance of silver hair can be very intense, but we have some great tips for you on how to pull off this look.

Committing to the Color

Going silver is definitely a big commitment. It takes a bold soul to pull off silver hair, especially since prior to the emergence of the trend of silver hair, it seemed to be only reserved for the elderly. Rocking silver hair is a brave move, but we know your can do it. Once you are mentally committed to the silver hair trend, you must learn the actual up-keep it takes to keep your locks looking soft, shiny, and silver. Depending on what color your hair started out as before going silver will determine how long and difficult it will be to get your hair to that perfect shade of silver. Let’s just say, you might be having several, long trips to the salon, but it will be worth it.

Maintaining Your Color

Silver hair requires lots of maintenance, but if you have the time and energy it will be no big deal. Keeping your hair out of the brassy, yellow zone will be your biggest challenge. We definitely suggest buying a purple, toning shampoo to help keep your color looking awesome. You can find purple, toning shampoo at any beauty supply store or online, and it definitely will be worth adding one more product into your beauty routine. We also recommend limiting the amount of time you take to wash your hair and make sure to keep your hair very hydrated. Also, drink lots of water and treat your hair with coconut oil treatment once a week.
We have a feeling this trend will be around for a while, so if you have been wanting to try it out, just go for it. Silver hair is definitely the “cool girl” look of the moment, and we are huge fans. Are you rocking silver hair?! Send us a photo on Twitter (@jfrancisbeauty) and Instagram (@johnfrancisbeauty)!

Hot Hairstyles for Spring

It is officially Spring, and we are so excited to start styling for parties, weddings, and festivals. Spring brings along tons of celebratory occasions, so why not make your hair look stunning for each and every event you attend? Whether you are a laid back girl or like to take the time to make a head-turning statement with you hair, we have a look that is perfect for you.

The No-Fuss Style for the Laid-Back Girl

If you are heading to an event this Spring, but you are really not feeling like putting a ton of time and effort into your hairstyle, then have no fear — we have the perfect solution for you. A fantastic way to create a super-glam, sleek look is to simply blowout your hair, or have a professional give you a blowout while you sit there and look gorgeous. If you own a round brush and a blow drier you can most definitely create this put-together look yourself. A good blowout makes your hair look shiny, sleek, and the center of focus, without taking the time and effort to create a super complicated look. This look is perfect if you are going to be sporting a bright-colored or patterned outfit.

The Minimal-Effort Style for the Girl Who is Short on Time

Who doesn’t want to look super-chic without taking tons of time and using tons of different styling tools and products? We have two amazing options for you, and trust us — they are definitely head-turning looks! The first option to go for when you’re running short on time is to simply put some beachy waves in your hair using a wand curling iron. This look is chic no matter what type of event your are heading to. Beachy waves are always a good idea, and they take hardly any time. The second go-to option for a quick, chic style is to put your hair in a sleek top-knot. Whether you are heading to a professional business lunch or a Spring wedding, the top-knot is a perfect look.

The Intricate Style for the Girl Who is Trying to Make a Statement

There are plenty of head-turning looks that are perfect for Spring festivities, if you have a bit of time to commit. Fishtail braid styles are always a great option if you have some time so spend on your look. These braids are definitely not complicated, but they do require a bit of time. Pulling your hair to the side and creating a messy fishtail braid, while pulling out a few face-framing pieces for a light curl, is the perfect look for a day or night time affair. Twisting back on side of your hair and adding loose curls to the rest is also a really glamorous, pretty option for a Spring event.
Spring is a fresh start, so what will you try this season with your hair?? We want to see your beautiful event looks! Tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty and on Twitter @jfrancisbeauty.