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COLOR SERIES: Light Brown (Jennifer Aniston + Jessica Alba)

Light brown, whether it be ashy or golden, is a great color to have if you want a very natural look that can easily be lightened of darkened. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba are perfect models of light brown hair, and we know exactly how to get you the same look.

Ash Light Brown

Ashy, light brown is really on the cooler side of the spectrum when it comes to color. Just like Jessica Alba, ashy light brown looks really beautiful when it is done in a solid color all over the hair. When taken care of correctly, you hair will look healthy, glossy, and shiny. If you had blonde hair as a child, the chances are that your natural hair color is now a light, ash blonde at your roots. Maybe give that color a try and embrace it.
Caring for ashy, light brown hair is actually very easy because brown hair dye does not usually contain as many drying chemicals as blonde hair dye, your hair will appear healthier and very shiny. As we always say, giving your hair a deep condition with coconut oil once a week is still a great idea- especially with the warm summer months upon us.

Golden Light Brown

Golden, light brown is on the warmer side of the color spectrum, and celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston have this style down. The key to Jennifer’s perfect locks is to add some warm, face-framing highlights to the hair to brighten up the look. This creates a warm, sunny look with a very natural glow to the hair. Achieving this look is super easy. Ask your stylist for a light brown, all-over color with some face-framing highlights to brighten it up. This is the perfect summer look for those with light brown hair.
Because there is a bit of blonde in the mix, be sure to tone your hair once a week to keep your hair from getting brassy or too yellow. Follow up with a conditioning treatment of your choice, and your hair will be looking super hot and ready for summer.

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