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COLOR SERIES: Ombré + Balayage (Jessica Biel + Lauren Conrad)

Celebrities have been rocking the ombré and Balayage trend for years now, and we can definitely see why. This beachy, “cool-girl” look is probably one of the most low maintenance hair colors you can go for. Don’t like touching up your roots? No problem! Let them be free and just touch them up occasionally. In our opinion, this is a hairstyle that will be around for years to come. So give it a try and rock it just like our girls Jessica Biel and Lauren Conrad.

Who Can Rock This Look?

Literally, anybody can pull off the ombré and Balayage hair color! This is a hair color that is specialized to your special tone and shade. Usually your hairstylist will simply take you a few shades lighter with the ombré and Balayage to keep you looking fairly natural and sun-kissed. If your stylist is experienced, you will end up with a perfectly blended mane that is ready for summer. However, knowing the difference between the two color trends is definitely important when you go to your hair appointment.

What’s the Difference Between Ombré and Balayage?

While the two color trends do look very similar, they are actually slightly different, and very important to know so that you get the exact look you want when you hit the salon. Ombre is a gradual fade from the top of your hair to the bottom, with the lightest shade being on the very ends of your hair. A good stylist will be able to give you a really blended, seamless look, but less experienced stylists can create harsh color lines in your hair. Balayage is very similar to ombré, but is a bit more of a blended, natural look. With this look you are going to look sun-kissed, with hand painted pieces of your hair being dyed lighter. This creates a more graduated, natural look.

Caring for your Ombré and Balayage

Taking care of your sun-kissed hair is very important to keep it looking fresh. When caring for your hair you want to be careful that your hair does not get too orange or brassy, especially if you are out in the sun frequently. Using a toning shampoo once a week will really help with keeping your hair bright and blonde. We also really recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep your hair soft and healthy. Going lighter with your hair can often be damaging to your ends, but that is nothing a little coconut oil and drinking lots of water can’t help.
Who are your favorite ombré and balayage celebrities?! We are obsessed with this look and we want to see YOUR photos! Tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty and on Twitter @jfrancisbeauty!
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