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Color Series: SILVER

Silver hair has been a major trend so far in 2016. This extremely cool-toned color has been seen in magazines, celebrities, and basically all over the internet, and has been dubbed the hot color of the moment. The color seems to have got its start after people were tired of their hair becoming brassy and yellow when they had it dyed blonde. With silver hair, the hair is practically white, and shows no sign of brassiness or yellow. The maintenance of silver hair can be very intense, but we have some great tips for you on how to pull off this look.

Committing to the Color

Going silver is definitely a big commitment. It takes a bold soul to pull off silver hair, especially since prior to the emergence of the trend of silver hair, it seemed to be only reserved for the elderly. Rocking silver hair is a brave move, but we know your can do it. Once you are mentally committed to the silver hair trend, you must learn the actual up-keep it takes to keep your locks looking soft, shiny, and silver. Depending on what color your hair started out as before going silver will determine how long and difficult it will be to get your hair to that perfect shade of silver. Let’s just say, you might be having several, long trips to the salon, but it will be worth it.

Maintaining Your Color

Silver hair requires lots of maintenance, but if you have the time and energy it will be no big deal. Keeping your hair out of the brassy, yellow zone will be your biggest challenge. We definitely suggest buying a purple, toning shampoo to help keep your color looking awesome. You can find purple, toning shampoo at any beauty supply store or online, and it definitely will be worth adding one more product into your beauty routine. We also recommend limiting the amount of time you take to wash your hair and make sure to keep your hair very hydrated. Also, drink lots of water and treat your hair with coconut oil treatment once a week.
We have a feeling this trend will be around for a while, so if you have been wanting to try it out, just go for it. Silver hair is definitely the “cool girl” look of the moment, and we are huge fans. Are you rocking silver hair?! Send us a photo on Twitter (@jfrancisbeauty) and Instagram (@johnfrancisbeauty)!
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