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COLOR SERIES: Warm Blonde (Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried)


Warm blonde is one of the most common shades across Hollywood all year round. Celebrities such as Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, and Amanda Seyfried wear their blonde locks beautifully and their stylists definitely know how to give a gal the perfect shade of warm blonde. From light, warm blonde to dark, warm blonde, every girl can give this go-to Hollywood look a try. Keep on reading for tips and tricks for everything warm blonde.

Picking the perfect shade:

Blonde can be tricky to pull off if you go for the wrong shade,so knowing your skin color and undertones is really helpful. Women with a medium skin tone tend to look best in a warm blonde shade. The warm undertones in their skin really glows with a warm-toned hair color. Blake Lively is the perfect example of a “glowing warm blonde”. Her hair is always the perfect shade for that skin tone, and it has such a natural warmth to it. Isn’t that what we all want, ladies? The secret to her effortless, beachy look is to have several different shades of perfectly blended warm tones with the slightest ombré towards the bottom of the hair. Kim Kardashian has been quite daring with her hair the past few years, and we personally loved her warm blonde, ombré look. Her medium, golden skin looked gorgeous with her ombré hair. The darker roots helped to break up the harshness of the look and add depth to her skin, and it really made her look like a glowing, summer goddess. Amanda Seyfried has actually rocked the same color for years now, and we still can’t get enough. Her solid, all-over warm blonde has become her signature color. Amanda is the perfect example of healthy, blonde hair. Whatever this gal does in her hair care routine needs to be shared now- we definitely approve!

Caring for Your Sunny Locks:

Caring for blonde hair is pretty much the same across the board. Keep your hair hydrated and nourished to get the most time out of your locks. Be sure to tone your hair once a week to keep that extra brassy color out of your hair (especially with a warm tone). Drink plenty of water and add a shine spray occasionally to really make that blonde color pop! What celebrity has your favorite blonde look? Let us know at Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty and
Twitter @jfrancisbeauty!
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