In our last blog post we talked about short cuts, this post is all about extreme length. Hair extensions have become increasingly popular over the years and the advance in technology has made them look more realistic than ever. Lately celebrities have been spotted at events, on runways and red carpets alike wearing “Cher Hair.” Meaning straight sleek extremely long locks parted right down the middle. Cher made this look iconic in the 70’s and like a lot of looks from that time period, it’s been revived in 2017.
Celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn, and Jennifer Lopez have been pulling off this extreme style just like Cher did. The best thing about this style is that anyone can achieve it regardless of their hair length thanks to hair extensions.

Naomi Campbell showcasing how this look can be worked on the runway
There are many different varieties of extensions able to suit everyones needs. If you’re only wearing this look for a night out or special occasion, maybe a Halloween costume, try clip in extensions. These types of extensions grip onto your hair with a comb-like clip and come in a variety of widths and lengths. They can be easily removed at the end of the night which makes them perfect for one day wear.

English fashion model and actress Jourdan Dunn is serving major Cher vibes in this orange 70‘s inspired ensemble
If you’re looking for some long term length there are a couple options for you. The first being a type of extension called micro bead extensions These are thinner bunches of hair that are placed very close to the root and secured with a micro bead shaped like a small ring. The ring is placed around the extension and your hair and clamped down flat to hold the extension and your natural hair together. As your hair grows out these extensions have to be removed, moved up, and reapplied so the beads don’t become visible. Another type of extension intended for long term wear are tape in extensions. As the name suggests these extensions are attached using a hair safe adhesive. Usually, two extensions are placed on top of one another with the natural hair sandwiched in between. As with micro bead extensions, you’ll also need to readjust tape in extensions with hair growth. Both options do the job, it all depends on personal preference so try both out to see which works best for you.

Jennifer Lopez always kills it with her hair looks – these long sleek locks are no exception
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