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Favorite Celebrity Hair Color: Spring Edition (Amanda Seyfried, Emily Ratajkowski, Isla Fisher, Drew Barrymore, Priyanka Chopra)

Earlier in the week we brought you our current favorite celebrity hair cuts of the moment, and today it is time for our favorite celebrity color of the moment. Spring color is having a major moment in hair and we are excited to dive head first and show you our favorites! What better away to start off the new season than with a fresh, new color?
This new blonde trend works best on those that have a neutral or golden skin tone. A cool skin tone paired with this hair color could wash you out. While this look might seem sweet and innocent, the monochromatic look created with your hair and skin is actually quit edgy! We love this color on Amanda Seyfried!

Brown is a shade that anybody can pull off! Finding the right tone is fairly simple, and rich tones suit those with fair to golden complexions the best. Adding elements of rich, milk chocolate highlights in a very subtle way can really liven up the hair and make it pop against your skin. Brown is a classic shade, and we are obsessed with the way that beauty, Emily Ratajkowski, wears her rich brown locks!

Red is a shade that many people think they can’t wear, but it is just about finding their suitable shade! Fair, cool skin tones looks best with warm, intense red shades. Warmer skin tones look best with auburn tints of red. Why not take a chance and go red for Spring? Isla Fisher’s natural redhead and golden skin combination is one of our favorites!

Who would have thought that having your roots show would be one of the latest trends in hair? Well, don’t worry if you can’t make it to the salon in a bit ladies, blonde hair with sprouting roots is totally cute. When you get a chance to hit the salon, just ask your stylist to blend in the harsh lines for you so you can go a bit longer in between salon visits and still have your hair look natural! We love Drew Barrymore’s youthful, natural look!

Adding some subtle highlights to your hair can benefit anybody’s look! It will bring life into your hair and create some extra dimension. Focusing the highlights on where the sun would naturally hit you is the best way to place them, which your stylist will do! Priyanka Chopra’s mocha ombre keeps her highlights heavier on the ends for an easy upkeep!
Which color is your favorite! Tell us on social media! Twitter @jfrancisbeauty Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty
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