Festival Hair Style Ideas

Music festival season is the perfect time to take risks and try something new with your hair. The possibilities are endless when it comes to festival style options, so we have picked a few styles to share with you to make your decisions a bit easier. Here are our top three pics for funky, festival hair.

1. Space Buns + Glitter

Nothing screams “funky” more than some space buns and some glitter. Are we right, ladies? This is such a fun look for rock for a music festival (plus it’s SUPER easy). To get this look simply part your hair down the middle and divide your hair into two sections. Then twist each side into a bun on the top part of your head. You can make the buns as perfect or messy as you would like- both looks are definitely awesome for a festival. Now for the fun part… GLITTER! Give the part line of your hair a spray with some strong hold hair spray and sprinkle glitter along your part. One you are satisfied with the amount of glitter you added, give your hair another coat of hair spray, and you are ready to rock and roll at your festival. This look is totally Instagramable, and totally cool.

2. Extensions + Hair Accessories

Looking for more of a boho look for your music festival? Well, this is the perfect look for you. Adding extensions to lengthen and thicken your hair and adding some loose, beach waves is the best way to get the perfect, boho hair style. Adding a sun hat, bandana, or headband to the look will top it off and make you look like a bohemian princess at your favorite festival. Be sure to snap some pics of your fierce hair blowing in the wind to the beat of the music. #festivalhairdontcare

3. Rainbow + Braids

We are sure you have seen this psychedelic look floating around the internet, and it is much easier to achieve that it may seem. Adding some fun pastel colors to your hair and then adding some french braids will definitely make you stand out and keep cool at your upcoming music festival. This look is so simple to achieve. All you need to do is choose how you want to color your hair. You can use hair chalk, temporary dye, spray dye, or if you are feeling daring permanent dye. Once your hair is 100% dry just add your braid of choice and you are left with a beautiful look that keeps your hair out of your face on those hot, festival days.
We hope you got some festival inspiration from this post, and we can’t wait to see you try out these looks. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty and on Twitter @jfrancisbeauty! Have fun at your music festival!
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