Find The Perfect Cut For Your (Long) Face Shape: Long

As we discussed in our last post there are many factors that can go into determining the perfect haircut for you as an individual. However, The most important element is identifying the shape of your face. In this face shape series we will help you identify the cut that will work best for you. So here is the question? What is your Face Shape? Heart, Long, Round, Square, Oval or Diamond? Today we discuss the Long Face Shape.


A Long shaped face is longer than it is wide with a long straight cheek line.

CELEB LONG SHAPE: Courtney Cox, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Kim Kardashian, Meryl Streep, Lisa Kudrow

What is the perfect hairstyle for a Long Shaped Face?

Breathe a sigh of relief: you are certainly not short on style options.

Do you have long, fine hair?

  • Go shorter so your hair looks thicker and your face looks wider. A cut that is unstructured can be worn messy or edgy, which is a time saver.
  • If you like a more groomed sophisticated look a one-length modern cut with layers will give you that edge of sleek glam.

Is your hair thick, coarse and curly?

  • Lucky you! Your hair is a playground and the results can only be positive.

Fringe options:

  • Unfortunately in the fringe area it’s not a case of anything goes for you.
  • Disguise a long forehead with a thick blunt, cut. You’ll be surprised how feminine it makes you look.
  • Steer clear of a fringe if you have a small forehead – it will just emphasize the length of the rest of your face.

COLOR: A trick to make your face appear shorter and wider is to add highlights at the sides.

Too much hair length around the face area or height will lengthen your face. My overall suggestion is keep the length above the shoulders. When your hair gets past your shoulders there is a good chance it will do you more harm than good.

ALWAYS: Take a few photos of styles you like and take them to your hairdresser. They can best advise you on what will work best with your face shape, personality and lifestyle.

Next post we will discuss Round Face Shapes.



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