Finding The Perfect Cut For Your (Heart) Face Shape By John Francis

There are many factors that can go into determining the perfect haircut for you as an individual. However, The most important element is identifying the shape of your face.In this face shape series we will help you identify the cut that will work best for you. So here is the question? What is your Face Shape? Heart, Long, Round, Square, Oval or Diamond?


Think of a heart! A heart shaped face is wide at the forehead and the cheekbones are slightly wider than the hairline. The chin narrows at the jawline into a pointed chin.
CELEB HEART SHAPE: Reese Witherspoon, KourtneyKardashian, Halle Berry
What is the perfect hairstyle, for a heart shaped face?
  • Avoid top-heavy cuts and no one will be able to resist your sweetheart sex appeal.
  • Choose a style that will create volume around the bottom of your face.
  • Do you have thick, long hair? Ask for soft layers to soften your chin area, but keep the layers cut as close to your jaw line as possible so that they can fall on to your face.
  • Long, curly locks will look fantastic on a heart-shaped face if you keep them soft and loose.
  • Ask your hairdresser to cut them round so that the layers fall lightly and frame your face.
  • A short bob shape works great for a heart shape and is a modern and sexy style.
  • Fringe options: A slightly shorter, wispy fringe is low-key but will look beautiful.
  • Color you sexy: Highlight hair above the ears to widen your face and low light above.
AVOID: Short, full styles that emphasize upper face. Too much height at the crown will give the appearance of a longer and narrower chin. Just remember if you have a dramatic heart shape face, you have great cheekbones to show-off!

Take a few photos of styles you like and take them to your hairdresser. They can best advise you on what will work best with your face shape, personality and lifestyle.
Next post we will discuss Long and Round Face Shapes.
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