Hair Looks of the Past, With a Modern Twist

Let’s face it, this is the time to look glamorous and try out a bold look! The New Year is practically here, and why not try something new?( yet old!) What other time can you pull off an entire outfit of sequins, a bright red lip, and glitter eye shadow? But don’t forget about your hair! How about putting a modern twist on a timeless look for your upcoming New Year’s party? These four, classic hair looks of the past will pull your party look together and make you look fabulous!

Flashback to the 1920s

Gorgeous, finger waves are totally 20s and totally timeless! They give you an extremely refined, classic beauty, but they are also sexy and sleek! For a definite 1920s recreation, this look will look great on a bob-haircut, but it will also look amazing on longer hair as well! Loosening the waves a bit with you fingers before adding a shine, hold hairspray will make the look a bit more modern. Pair with a sparkly, knee-length dress and you will be looking like a modern babe with a 1920s twist!

Flashback to the 1940s

The 1940s were a time of classic beauty. Simple, yet sexy dresses and romantic hair were a staple of the time. To get a gorgeous look inspired by the 1940s simply, curl you hair all over in large, looser ringlets. This look creates a romantic, girly, but still very put together and sexy vibe! To complete this 1940s recreation try a pencil skirt, a strand of pearls and some patent leather pumps! Not only is this hair look great for a party, but it is also beautiful for everyday wear!

Flashback to the 1960s

Try something new for your upcoming party and go for a 1960s inspired up-do! Give your hair a deep, side part, tease away, and swoop it up into a twist! Leave your bangs out and pinned to the side and add a touch of strong hold hairspray for an authentic sixties look! This glamourous look is sure to catch attention at your New Year’s party! Pair your fabulous hair style with a swing dress and some cute boots and you are a modern day 1960s babe!

Flashback to the 1970s

Recreating a 1970s party look is perhaps the most trendy and common out of the bunch! Gorgeous braids are super popular and can basically be paired with any look you desire! For a pretty, party look part your hair down the middle and either add some wave or go for a pin-straight look. Take a section from each side and create a small braid, connecting both in the back of your hair. This look will keep your hair out of your face while you dance the night away, but will still give you a gorgeous party style! Add a dress with some bell-sleeves and you are a modern-day, seventies babe!
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