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Hydrated, Gorgeous Hair Like Selena Gomez

Summer is approaching, which means nothing but sun, sand, and saltwater. Taking care of your hair in the warmer months is essential to being able to have silky, hydrated hair in the cooler months of the year just like Selena Gomez. We know you love a good beach day lounging in the sun and cooling off in the ocean, so here are some ways to take care of your locks while having fun in the sun and salt this summer!

First step to hydrated, summer hair like Selena is to get rid of the alcohol. Now, before you freak out- NO we do not mean the type your drink. Feel free to have that margarita on the beach girl. We are talking about the drying, chemical filled alcohol that is in so many hair products. Alcohol can be extremely damaging to your hair, especially in the summer months when your hair is usually a bit more dry from the sun and saltwater. Alcohol-free products are not actually that hard to find, and you hair will thank you for using them. Don’t worry, we will show you exactly which products to use in our next post. Stay tuned!

2. Rinse out that Salt (+ Chlorine)

Who hasn’t spent the entire day at the beach or the pool and waited until they got home to wash their hair. Everybody, right?! Well, taking an extra few minutes before your leave the water location you were in can really save your hair from extra damage. Both saltwater and chlorine are extremely drying to your hair and the longer they sit in your hair, the more damage they can cause. The next time you leave the beach or the pool try rinsing your hair out with bottled water. The minerals from the bottled water will help re-hydrate your hair so the next time you wash and blow-dry your hair, it will look healthy, sexy, and soft- just like our girl Selena.

3. Hydrate that Hair

During the summer it is important that you hydrate your hair inside and out. Be sure to drink TONS of water, especially if you are going to be in the sun all day. Another great way to hydrate your hair after putting it through hours in the sun is to have a girl’s night, put on some face masks, and soak your hair in coconut oil. Leave the coconut oil on as long as you can (you can even wear it overnight), give your hair a nice wash, and trust us- you will feel a difference in your hair.
We hope you enjoyed this post. We have lots of fun summer hair tips coming soon, so be sure to check back soon and follow us on our social media outlets.
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