Keratin Containing Formaldehyde?!


Keratin products containing formaldehyde is a hot topic in the beauty world these days, so we thought we would give our two cents. Most of us are not aware that our beauty products can contain formaldehyde, which is a gas that is released when the keratin formula is mixed with heat and water. Is this safe? Are there safe options out there for keratin treatments? Let’s dive in and find out!

What does formaldehyde do to your hair?

In most cases of keratin treatments, the formaldehyde is the ingredient that actually smooths the hair. When the keratin is mixed with heat and water, if actually breaks the bond of the hair, making it much more relaxed. However, while the ingredient may be effective, it is not the safest thing to be inhaling. Formaldehyde is colorless, but strong-smelling and can cause major health issues when inhaled, when it comes in contact with the eyes, or when it is absorbed through the skin. It can cause irritation to the body and trigger a sever allergic reaction of the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. It has also been said customers who repeatedly get keratin treatments that contain formaldehyde are at a much greater risk of cancer. So, it can be risky to come in contact with formaldehyde. Perhaps there is a safer alternative that gives the same results for your hair?

Are there formaldehyde-free options?

Formaldehyde-free options do indeed exist, but it can be extremely tricky to distinguish between the two. Most brands claim to be formaldehyde-free, but after experts closely read the ingredients, they find that the products still contain formaldehyde-releasing agents. The gamble with using a formaldehyde-free product is that is still contains tons of other harmful chemicals, and may not work as well as the leading product that does contain formaldehyde.
This decision can be tricky. Be sure to talk to your hair stylist about your options when it comes to keratin treatments and how you can smooth your hair in the safest way possible.
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