Make a Bangin’ Change for a Fresh Look

What is your favorite hair accessory? Bangs are the best hair accessory and perhaps the most flattering! While bangs or fringe can be a scary step for your hair, but they can also bring your hair to life if you choose the right style for your face shape and hair type! There are so many different types of bangs, so you are bound to find out to suit you perfectly! If you are bored with your hair style and want a little change, then give bangs a try! Take a look at some celeb-spiration we picked, and find your most flattering style!

The Full Bang

Full bangs make quite the statement and can make you stand out from the crowd! This type of bang works well with a square face, but can also look fabulous with a rounder face if you want to excentuate your natural face shape! These bangs are definitely the most classic, and really break up your hair, so you can play with lots of different looks! These bangs are an accessory of their own and make you look extra adorable! Nicole Richie and Tyra Banks are definitely our celebrity hair inspirations when it comes to full bangs!

The Wispy Bang

Long, wispy bangs work best with square and oval face shapes! The wispy bangs break up the proportions of the face and make you look totally adorable! This type of bangs tend to excentuate the eyes because they hit just at the eye! They soften the face and look great whether you wear your hair down or up in a ponytail or bun! Jennifer Lawrence and Rachel McAdams are queens of the wispy bangs and we are loving it!

The Side-swept Bang

The side-swept bang is definitely the easiest bang style to pull off, and looks amazing on all face shapes! This bang style is great for those girls who don’t want to commit to a completely new look, or a heavy bang, but still want to break up their look and accentuate their face shape! You can easily pin or braid back the side-swept bang to keep them out of your face, and only wear them when you please, which allows lot of versatility for your look! Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon are totally our inspiration for side-swept bangs!
I think we can all agree that bangs are fabulous and can definitely be your best accessory! They frame your face and give you that little lift you needed to bump your style to the next level! We want to see your most bangin’ look! Tweet us @jfrancisbeauty or tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty and show us your look!
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