Make Your Hair Look Longer

Who hasn’t wanted long, beautiful hair at some point in their life? Long hair can be so much fun and you have tons of options for styling! However, if you don’t have super long hair, or you are in the process of growing your hair long, there are a few styles we can show you to make your hair appear longer! Take this expert advice and create the illusion of longer hair to start off the new year looking amazing!

Our first styling tip for longer-looking hair is the “double-pony tail”. By wearing a high and a low pony tail, your hair will look extra long, and guess what?- Nobody will be able to tell that you are sporting two pony tails! First divide your hair into two sections-top and bottom. Then put the top half of your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. After creating the top-pony you want to take the hair from the bottom section and add it to the top section, then secure with a non-damaging hair elastic. This will create the illusion of long layers in your hair and make your hair look super long! Kim Kardashian definitely has our long-pony tail envy!


Our second tip for creating the illusion of longer hair is to have your stylist cut long layers into your hair. The uneven edge will make your hair look longer and will make the eye not focus on a straight edge. This is a perfect and very subtle way to make your hair look longer than it actually is! For this style we definitely draw inspiration from Beyonce’s look!


Our third styling tip we have for you is to refrain from using heat on your hair as much as possible! Treating your hair with heat will damage your ends, and make them look rather straggly and unhealthy. This will cause the ends of your hair to break off and hinder your growth process. Using heat is definitely okay and in fact, necessary at times, but be kind to your hair and give it a break when you can! Long hair looks SO much better when it is healthy!


We hope you try out some of these tips and we wish you luck in your long hair journey! Be sure to stop by the salon for more expert tips and styling! We want to hear from you and see your gorgeous hair photos! Tweet us @jfrancisbeauty and tag us on Instagram @johnfrancisbeauty!



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