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OLAPLEX: Condition Your Hair Like the Kardashians

The Kardashians are famous for having beautiful, luscious, healthy-looking hair. Of course these ladies have a team of beauty gurus behind them daily who make the look fabulous, but there is one product that this famous family uses on their hair that you too can get your hands on! We all know Kim and Kylie go from dark to light pretty much over night, which is usually impossible without making your hair fall out. However, these ladies’ stylists use Olaplex, a product which rebuilds the bonds in hair which are damaged by color. This allows for healthy hair even when making drastic color changes!
Now the fear of going dark to light in a drastic way can go away! Olaplex creates a revolutionary way of coloring hair in a non-damaging way. When Kim Kardashian went blonde the first time, her hair looked so healthy and almost like a wig. She had people thinking that there was absolutely no way she could have gone blonde that quickly from the deep brown she was before.

Kylie Jenner decided to go blonde as a surprise for her 18th birthday party. Man was that a surprise! The teen went from black hair to a platinum blonde in one day and her hair looks perfectly healthy! For the amount of processing her hair went through it should have fallen out, but her stylist used Olaplaex, and it saved her hair!

Hair care and color is always evolving! Be sure to ask your stylist if Olaplaex is available for you to use the next time you go in for a color change! Trust us, your hair will thank you!
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