In our last blog we briefly touched on hair accessories but they are going to be huge in the upcoming year so lets talk a bit more about them. Often times you can feel like your hair is lacking something. It just didn’t curl right that day or you’re... (more...)


With the new year approaching you might be starting to feel a bit drab and dull, like you need a change. What better way to put a little pep in your step than with a new hair style? If you’re really feeling like stepping into the new year with a new... (more...)

Nourish Your Hair from the Inside Out:

Over the past few weeks we dove deep into the Color Series, but now it is time to talk about nourishing and conditioning your hair to keep your color looking amazing! The need of summer is near, and your hair might be a bit beat from the sunshine and... (more...)

Hydrated, Gorgeous Hair Like Selena Gomez

Summer is approaching, which means nothing but sun, sand, and saltwater. Taking care of your hair in the warmer months is essential to being able to have silky, hydrated hair in the cooler months of the year just like Selena Gomez. We know you love a... (more...)

Festival Hair Style Ideas

Music festival season is the perfect time to take risks and try something new with your hair. The possibilities are endless when it comes to festival style options, so we have picked a few styles to share with you to make your decisions a bit easier.... (more...)

Make Your Hair Look Longer

Who hasn’t wanted long, beautiful hair at some point in their life? Long hair can be so much fun and you have tons of options for styling! However, if you don’t have super long hair, or you are in the process of growing your hair long, there are a... (more...)

Achieve Frizz-free Hair!

Nobody wants frizzy hair! Are we right?! Believe it or not, achieving a sleek, frizz-free look is easier than you may think! By simply using the right products you can transform your hair so it is much easier to manage and style! Take our tips from an... (more...)

Hair Looks of the Past, With a Modern Twist

Let’s face it, this is the time to look glamorous and try out a bold look! The New Year is practically here, and why not try something new?( yet old!) What other time can you pull off an entire outfit of sequins, a bright red lip, and glitter eye shadow?... (more...)

A Little Bit of Holiday Sparkle

Sparkle is the name of the game when it comes to styling for the holidays! Everywhere you look there is a bit of extra glitter, so why not carry this trend over to your hair?! While this may not be an everyday look, it is definitely fun to jazz up your... (more...)

The Truth About Keratin

Keratin Hair Treatments are widely known to relax the hair and leave you with smooth, straight, healthy, conditioned hair. Have you ever had the desire to try out a keratin treatment for yourself? Well, perhaps if we told you the truth about keratin... (more...)

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