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With the new year approaching you might be starting to feel a bit drab and dull, like you need a change. What better way to put a little pep in your step than with a new hair style? If you’re really feeling like stepping into the new year with a new look, I have one word for you…bangs. Bangs can totally transform your current style into a new one and give you an entirely new look. Now, don’t think you have to go full Bettie Paige, there are many different types of bangs so keep reading to see which is the best fit for you.
If you have curly hair you might have gone your whole life thinking you don’t have the right hair type for bangs. News flash…there is no right hair type for bangs. No matter what texture of your hair there is a fringe for you. Instead of trying to straighten your bangs, embrace your natural texture and wear them curly! Juno Temple has been rocking curly bangs in her new TV series which is set in the 70’s. We have talked previously about how in the revival of the 70’s is right now so this look is right on trend. Simply add some curl cream to your damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser for soft and defined curls.

Juno Temple doing curly bangs the right way
Next lets talk about bangs where you don’t have to fully commit. If you’re not ready to make the drastic cut try these curtain bangs, pictured on Sienna Miller below. There is just enough bang to change your look but not too much where you can’t style your hair differently. This style of bang is extremely versatile and can be worn straight across or side swept. If you’re not feeling your bangs or don’t have time to style them you can easily push them to the side or pin them back.
Sienna Miller wearing the curtain bangs – the bang without the commitment
Now it’s time for the real deal. I’m talking the straight across blunt bang. Not many people are brave enough to make the cut. These bangs typically need to be styled every day to keep them looking clean and fresh. It’s best to style these type of bangs with a round brush so you get a little volume and they aren’t sitting flat on your forehead. Dry shampoo is a must with this hairstyle, stash some in your bag for a quick way to freshen up on the go.

Zooey Deschanel is queen of the blunt bang
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Revival is all the rage with trends nowadays so it’s only fair we take a page from the 80’s book. No, I don’t mean perms…thank goodness. I’m talking about the flip. The flip isn’t so much a haircut or style but just one motion that can transform your entire look. Tired of your dull middle part?
try parting your hair deeply to one side and teasing for a little volume at the crown. There are a few different versions of this look so let’s touch on them.
The voluminous flip is probably the most wearable for any hair type. This style combines textured hair and lots of volume. What keeps this look modern is that the volume is concentrated at the top of the head, this way it prevents the hair from looking outdated. No matter what texture your hair is you can enhance it using the designated product and pair it with this motion. If your hair is curly try a curl enhancing cream and apply on wet or damp hair so it doesn’t dry crunchy. Straighter hair can mimic texture with some sea salt spray and a diffuser. Regardless of your hair type, blow dry your har lifting it at the root to get that desired volume.

Kristen Stewart is well known for her tousled locks and voluminous flip
The smooth flip is a good option if you visit a salon weekly or often to get your hair styled. It’s basically a blow out with a deep side part and voluminous roots. Great if you are trying to look polished without looking matronly. This look will last you days so if you’re on the go just spray some dry shampoo at your roots and flip your head upside down working the dry shampoo in. Your locks will look like you just had a fresh blow out.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking classic while wearing the smooth flip
Last but certainly not least, the “Victorias Secret” flip. As the name suggests it is essentially that Victorias Secret Angel look that the girls rock on the runway. This look is so sought after because it’s soft, feminine, sexy, and voluminous all in one. It takes a little more effort and there a few more steps but it is worth it for the gorgeous result. First you’ll want to start wet hair and blow it out using a round brush and applying a volumizing mousse prior. Blow dry the hair up and out creating as much volume as possible. When removing the brush from the hair twist it to form a curl in the hair as it falls. After you do this all over your head take a 1-2 inch curling iron or wand, depending on the length of your hair, and create your waves. Wrap the hair loosely around the barrel and pull at the strand as it cools to relax the curl. After you complete your entire head of hair mist it with a light hold hairspray to hold the style while still keeping it bouncy and shiny.

VS Angel Taylor Hill is the prime example of the “Victorias Secret” flip
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Want to look perfectly undone for a night out or special event? We’ve got the perfect style for you, romantic braids. This style adds a touch of romance and makes any look more feminine. Whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt for a casual date night out or pairing it with an evening gown for a more formal event this look compliments all occasions. This look is a more modern take on the traditional slicked back classic braid. An advantage to wearing this style is that it will take much less time than the traditional version. These braids work best on dirty hair for added texture. So, it is the perfect option if you are going out and just don’t have time to wash and style your hair. Just washed your hair but still want to achieve this look? No worries, grab your favorite sea salt or texture spray and some dry shampoo. As well as absorbing the excess oil in your hair the dry shampoo will add some grittiness and volume at your roots. While the texture spray pieces up your mid lengths and ends to give the braid some grip.

In the photo above Eva Longoria showcases the perfect messy braid. With a deep side part, tons of volume, and pulled out pieces it compliments her subtle gown beautifully. Eva made her braid even more interesting by choosing the fish tail braid. Fish tail braids are made up of two overlapping sections of hair rather than three like the classic.
In the photo below Emily Ratajkowski is a perfect example of how the classic braid can be made modern. The braid is gathered at the nape of her neck and pulled apart. While the majority of her hair that frames her face is flowing freely to add some movement. This is a great option for someone who wants to wear their hair in some sort of an updo but prefers to not have all their hair pulled away from their face.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want to have your hair completely off your face that’s an option as well. In the photo above of Lucy Liu she starts her braid at the top of her head and it cascades around. Perfect if you have old bangs that are growing out and want to keep them out of your face.
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As discussed in previous blog posts, beach waves have been all the rage this year. But have you heard of the flat iron wave? Similar to the beach wave but with no body or bounce, the flat iron wave is effortlessly cool. With less “curl” than a beach wave, flat iron waves give hair that perfect undone texture. This look leans towards the straighter side but adds something extra.
There are a few ways to achieve this look. The first one and easiest being parting your hair in two sections. Whether it be down the middle or off to the side is completely your personal preference. Next loosely braid those two sections all the way down as far as you’re able. This next step is key, don’t use a hair tie to tie off the braids, I repeat, no hair tie! Clamp a flat iron in sections over the braid all the way down using your fingers to pinch the braid at the bottom to keep it from coming undone. This way you maintain the braid without getting a crease from the hair tie. After you’re done let the braids cool and then take them out. Run your fingers through the length of your hair to loosen the wave and add some sea salt spray for added texture and to hold the style.

Emma Stone’s lob is complimented beautifully with these textured flat iron waves
Another type of flat iron wave is the “S Wave”, like the name suggests, this type of wave has an “S” like formation. All of the waves are going the same direction for a more uniform look. This style looks very old Hollywood with a modern twist. To achieve this look grasp a strand of hair from the bottom and push it up to create a slight bend in the S formation. Clamp the flat iron down on the hair to seal it in place and continue this going down the strand of hair alternating directions. This will give you a consistent alternating wave pattern similar to the one you’ll get in the style we mentioned above. But with a little more definition, with this style you can choose how closely or spaced apart you want the wave pattern to be. After completing your whole head you can choose to brush the waves out to really glam it up or keep them messy and modern.

Jennifer Lawrence is a perfect example of how to make flat iron waves glam.

Jenna Dewan Tatum keeping her flat iron waves pieced out and messy.
*Bonus Celebrity Hair Stylist Tip: Always use heat protectant when using hot tools to maintain the health of your hair!*
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The shag is a fairly famous haircut that came to be in the 70’s when Paul McGregor gave it to Jane Fonda for the movie Klute. Not long after that it became wildly popular among musicians like Mick Jagger and actresses like Farrah Fawcett. This haircut was seen on anyone and everyone. If you were keeping up with trends in the 70’s, you were wearing a shag. This haircut has recently come back in fashion in 2017 and is just as popular as it was in 1970. But what about the shag after the shag? Not only does this haircut look amazing immediately after the initial cut, it looks just as cool grown out. This grown out shag celebrities are rocking is THE cut of 2017. It looks effortless and chic while embodying a 70’s rocker all at the same time. The cut is composed of hair that hits just past the shoulders and bangs that are long enough to be parted down the middle and swept away from the face framing it beautifully. This cut has a groovy vibe without fully committing to the serious shag.

Jane Fonda wearing one of the first versions of the shag cuts in 1971.
If you’re wanting to try this cut out or any cut for that matter, the best example you can bring to your hairstylist is always photos! It might be a bit difficult to explain a “grown out shag” to someone who doesn’t have the same vision as you but a picture is worth a thousand words. With a photo your stylist should be more than capable of achieving what you’re going for. This cut is super versatile and could work on pretty much any hair type. You can also tweak the amount of layers or how long the bangs are to your liking and to suit your hair type best. If your hair tends to look too “poofy” stay away from too many layers and if your hair is curly make sure your bangs are cut a bit longer as they’ll shrink up and be shorter than they are when they’re straight.

Alexa Chung channels the 70’s through her style and her hair
Felicity Jones pairs her shag with heavier, shorter bangs and some added layers for volume
This style is a great option for an in between cut. When you’re growing your hair out from having a shorter look and bangs and they’re getting a little longer. Or a good look if you want an low maintenance on trend look.
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2017 has been all about tousled loose beach waves, but let’s take a break from that and try something a little more…sleek. Straight, sleek hair parted down the middle has been a rising trend this year being seen on runways and red carpets alike. This style pairs excellently with feminine dresses like seen below on Gwenyth Paltrow for an all over lady like look. Also with classic outfits like Selena Gomez who paired it with a timeless black turtleneck. It can also simplify an extravagant dress like seen on Kylie Jenner in the photo below. Whether you’re wearing this style on a short bob or longer locks you’ll look elegant either way. This look isn’t hard to achieve but it has to be done the right way for the full effect. Keep reading to see how.

Gwenyth Paltrow has been rocking this look since the 90’s.

Selena Gomez pairs her straight locks with a dark lip and sweater for a vampy look.

Kylie Jenner is a perfect example of how you can still wear this look with short hair
Your hair has to be absolutely pin straight in order to perfect this look so here’s how to get it there. If you have curly or frizzy hair you’ll want to make sure to use a smoothing shampoo to start taming your hair from the get go. If your hair is naturally straight try a shampoo with some ingredients that’ll add a bit of shine. First off, part your wet hair straight down the middle using a comb to make your part as precise as possible. Apply an oil or serum onto wet hair to ensure the glossiest finish. The best thing to do next is blow dry your hair to seal the cuticle. Sealing the cuticle of the hair using heat makes for the smoothest look. Use a ceramic round brush and make sure to apply heat protectant prior to blow drying. Blow dry the hair as straight as possible and follow up with a flat iron to ensure the strands are stick straight. If your ends have any type of bend you’ll want to make sure they end up perfectly straight. After all these steps are done run a finishing oil or spray through the ends of the hair avoiding the roots so they don’t end up looking greasy. Don’t be afraid to use high shine products for this look as the glossy finish is key.