The Lowdown on Keratin Treatments


Keratin treatments are a major topic of conversation in the hair world at the moment, and we want to give you all the details. Summer is fast approaching and people are wanting to transform their look and battle frizz, so many are turning to smoothing treatments such as keratin.
So, we are coming to you today with the low-down on the best alternatives to keratin treatments, how long they will last, and most important — are keratin treatments actually damaging to your hair? Let’s dive in to this hot topic and find out.

Keratin Alternatives

Let’s face it…we all want smooth, beautiful hair at some point in our lives. Keratin treatments are definitely the most popular an well-know route for achieving this look, but there are actually quite a few alternatives that can give you the same result with less chemicals. Whether you are looking for an in-home treatments or you want to head to a salon, there are options for you. If you want your favorite hair stylist to give you a treatment, brands like Pravana and Uberliss have smoothing systems that are made with little to no harmful chemicals and mostly natural ingredients. If you want to give your self an at-home treatment, give Aveda’s smoothing system a try. The brand is known for being gentle and natural.

How Long Does it Really Last?

We know you want to get the most longevity out of your treatment, and finding answers to your questions might be hard to get. So, here is the truth. Traditional, salon Keratin treatments can last up to two and a half months. Limiting the use of heat styling and products containing oils and harsh chemicals can definitely keep your hair looking healthier and smoother, but when your hair’s natural texture starts to grow back, you will need to head back to the salon for another keratin treatment.

Are Keratin Treatments Damaging to Your Hair?

The big question we all have is…Will a keratin treatment damage my hair? This is honestly different for every person, but the short answer is YES. The reason it is different for every person is because it really depends on the condition of the person’s hair going into the treatment. A keratin treatment contains harsh chemicals, so whether your hair is super healthy or very brittle, going into the treatment, your hair will become some sort of damaged. If you use lots of heat styling on your hair after getting a keratin treatment, your hair will definitely become more brittle and can become very weak over time. Repeated keratin treatments can even cause your hair to start to break off, which is what Jennifer Anniston claimed as the reason for her chopping her hair into a long bob. All of that said, it is up to you and your best judgement about the health of your hair.
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