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Last time we talked we spoke about the Blunt Bob, a big hair trend in 2017. What’s possibly an even bigger trend this year? The modern bob, or better known as the long bob- the lob. As the name suggests, this cut is the longer version of the classic bob. Typically this cut hits right at the shoulders or below with little to no layers. It’s universally flattering and not really a traditional “short haircut” which makes it super versatile. Because it’s not very short you are still able to pull your hair out of your face into a ponytail or bun. Since there are little or no layers you’ll have a clean looking pony or bun with no pieces sticking out. If your hair is feeling heavy or like it’s too thick with the shorter cut, you can always opt for layers in your lob and make it choppier.

January Jones styles her lob with some choppy layers
While we’ve been talking about cuts so much let’s get into color for a minute. A lob works with virtually any hair color. If your hair is a singular color and you’re feeling like your hair is looking a little bland without layers try adding some light. Highlights or a balayage are the way to go. This adds movement and texture to the hair breaking it up and making it look more interesting and on trend. If you do opt for some layers highlights can really accentuate them and bring the whole style together. Adding lightness to the hair makes it look less graphic so it really depends what kind of look you’re going for.

In this photo Ciara showcases how adding lightness to the lob can really transform the look
As with the previously talked about classic bob, any hair texture will work with this cut. If you have curly or wavy hair stay away from too many layers as it can make the cut look out of control and unruly. The goal with this cut is to make it look effortless and chic so less is more.

Dakota Johnson is the definition of chic with her tousled modern bob and side swept bangs
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