The Truth About Keratin

Keratin Hair Treatments are widely known to relax the hair and leave you with smooth, straight, healthy, conditioned hair. Have you ever had the desire to try out a keratin treatment for yourself? Well, perhaps if we told you the truth about keratin treatments, you would change your mind. This popular treatment came into the hair-spotlight when Jennifer Aniston attributed her chin-length cut to damage caused by a keratin treatment. Since then, celebrities, hair stylists, and people all over the hair community are beginning to question if this treatment is in fact damaging.

What Happens During a Keratin Treatment?

During a keratin treatment, a liquid version of the protein, keratin, which is what the hair is made up of, is deposited on to the outer layer of the hair. After sitting on the hair for a bit, the hair is then blow dried on high-heat and straightened with a flat iron, which is also on high-heat. The heat is necessary for the sleek style to set, but it is definitely very damaging to the hair. If you think about it, you are essentially just burning the outer later of your hair by applying an oil and then adding heat. The straight, sleek affect is definitely appealing and super gorgeous, but is it worth it if your hair is actually becoming damaged during the process?
Unfortunately, if you are looking for a relaxing process for your hair, beyond just deep conditioning, then there may not be an entirely damage-free way to go. However, if you are simply looking to deep-condition your hair and give it a healthy shine, then there are many option for you beyond keratin treatments that are much safer for your hair.
A few great options are…
  1. Coconut Oil
Simply slather a generous amount of coconut oil on to your hair and leave it on for a few hours (or even overnight!), and after a wash your hair will look super shiny and healthy!
  1. Avocado
This sounds strange, but mashing up and avocado and massage it into the ends of your hair is actually super hydrating for your locks! The healthy, natural fats are all good and no bad for your hair. Plus you will have a really pretty shine to your hair!
  1. Rinse With Mineral Water
At the end of your shower try rinsing your hair with room temperature mineral water. The water of your shower can sometimes be too hard for your hair, so a nice mineral water rinse will add some moisture back into your hair before you step out of the shower!
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