Three Simple Steps to Keeping Your Color Vibrant

There really is nothing better than a fresh new hair color! As you saw in our last post, there are some gorgeous color trends popping up for fall, and we want to help you look and feel your best! Vibrant hair color makes you feel so put-together and confident, so why not make your color last as long as possible? Here are three simple steps to keep your color looking fabulous, healthy, and fresh!

Moisturize Inside and Out

Keeping your body hydrated and healthy plays a huge role in how shiny and healthy your hair looks! Be sure you are getting your eight cups of water daily, and maybe even shoot for more if you are an over-achiever. Not only will a hydrated body reflect in you skin, but your hair will also be glossier and brighter. Making sure your hair is moisturized on the outside will also help you look your best! Give yourself a coconut oil treatment once a week while you do your nails and watch your favorite movie, and your hair will thank you!

Let Your Hair Get Dirty

That’s right- let your hair get dirty! Washing your hair everyday strips your hair of its natural oils which leaves your hair looking dull and your color looking faded. If you have extremely oily hair, try washing your hair every other day, using dry shampoo on your roots on the in-between days. If your hair is not super prone to oil, try to go two or three days between washing your hair. It can sounds gross, but your hair gets used to it, and after a while of training your hair, your won’t produce as much oil because you are not stripping you hair of its natural oils. You will notice that when you wash your hair it will be shinier and much more healthy! Also, dirty hair holds a style super well!

Be Picky with your products

Choosing products to use on color treated hair is really important! There are products specifically made for colored hair, and using those products combined with a great moisture routine will leave your color looking great! Another great product to choose when you are trying to keep your hair vibrant is a 100% wooden brush! A wooden brush absorbs oil much better than a plastic brush, and it evenly distributes your hairs natural oils throughout your hair. It also makes your hair look extremely silky because of how gentle the bristles are on the scalp and the rest of your hair.
Taking care of your hair and keeping it healthy and moisturized is really the key to having vibrant, glossy hair color! Giving your hair what it needs will make for some happy locks that reward you with lots of “good hair days!”. Do you have a vibrant hair tip? We want to hear from you! Be sure to leave a comment or tag us on Twitter (
@jFrancisbeauty) and Instagram (@johnfrancisbeauty)!
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