Workout to Work + On-The-Go Essentials

No time in between your morning workout and heading to the office? No worries! Summer is coming and we know you are working hard to get your workout in. So we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to look put together after your workout. Everything from hair styles to on-the-go essentials is all here, so keep on reading and be sure to leave us a comment letting us know your thoughts.
Keeping a few hair essentials in your bag will make your life a whole lot easier when you are rushing from the gym to the office. Dry shampoo is the most important item you can have with you when doing your hair after a workout. If you got a bit sweaty or you need some volume and life in your hair, then this will do the trick. Plus, it will make your hair look fresh and clean. Using non-creasing hair ties when you are working out will also save you a ton of trouble when you go to take out that ponytail after your workout. You can also keep a few in your essentials bag for emergencies. Flexible hold hair spray is another great product to have with you after a work out. If your hair is being hard to manage or you have some extra fly-aways from working so hard during your yoga class, spray a bit of hair spray on your final, work look and you will be all set. Our final recommended essential is a wooden brush. These magical brushes distribute your hair’s oils throughout your head and make your hair look shiny and healthy.

Sleek Top-Knot

A chic top-knot is definitely at the top of our list for “perfect post-workout hairstyles.” Simply take your hair out of the style you had for your workout and add lots of dry shampoo to your hairline and your crown. Let this soak in and use a wooden brush to smooth your hair all over. Then, give us your best top-knot and finish off with a bit of hairspray and you are ready to take on the day looking professional and chic.

Messy Braid

The messy braid is perfect for camouflaging when your hair is looking a bit dirty. Add lots of dry shampoo and create the braid of your choice. The dry shampoo will help with keeping your braid in place throughout the day. This is the perfect look for running errands after the gym or picking the kids up from school.

Polished Pony Tail

The polished pony tail is another perfect look for your post-workout life. It takes minutes and looks beautiful — what more could you want?! After your workout, add lots of dry shampoo to your crown and hairline. Put your hair in a semi-high ponytail and brush the tail with your wooden brush. Then take a piece of hair from the ponytail, about an inch wide, and wrap it around your hair elastic. Pin it underneath the ponytail, finish with some hair spray, and you have a completed beautiful look.
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