Pump it Up

Voluminous hair looks healthy and sexy, so why wouldn’t we want a little extra volume! Whether you prefer to wear your hair up in a ponytail , braided into a fishtail braid, or flowing free, there is always a way to pump up the volume on your favorite style. Believe it or not, these simple tricks will add less than a minute to your hair routine and you will get compliments all day long on your spiced-up look!

Pump it Up: Pony Style

Adding volume to your pony tail is super simple and will really amp up your look! Simply put your hair into a pony-tail of whatever height you desire. Gently loosen the hair at your crown and around your ears for a relaxed look, and then grab a teasing comb and get to work. Grab small sections of your ponytail and tease it very lightly at the top and bottom of the strand. This works great on hair that is straights or wavy! Julianne Hough is our serious voluminous ponytail crush of the moment! How perfect is her pony?!

Pump it Up: Braid Style

Switch up your tight braids for lose, voluminous, relaxed braids! Choose your favorite braid and braid tightly, as you normally would. When you are done, simple loosen the braid by gently tugging on sections all the way up and down the braid. This will make your braid look super thick and voluminous! Trust us, people will have serious braid-envy over your gorgeous look- and it only takes minutes! How cool is that?! Braid-Blogger Amber Fillerup is definitely a master at braiding, and offers tons of beautiful braid inspiration!

Pump it Up: Free Flowing

Now for those gorgeous Victorias Secret looking curls! Pumping up the volume while wearing your hair down, will serious take you to supermodel status- and fast! Taking only minutes in the morning gets you a voluminous look that will have heads turning for sure! Simple let your hair dry naturally and use a curling wand on random strands until you get a messy, wavy look, or curl your hair all over and run your fingers through the curls! Then take a teasing brush and some texture spray and tease random sections from the bottom of your hair! Just like that you have a quick, easy, voluminous look!
Adding volume to your hair turns up the style on any look you choose! We want to know your voluminous hair tricks and who your hair-spiration celebs are! Chat with us on twitter @jfrancisbeauty and on instagram @johnfrancisbeauty!
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