Fall is here and winter is right around the corner, that means warm clothes, warm drinks, and warm hair. Yep, you heard right, warm hair. Warm toned hair is the perfect accessory for the upcoming colder months. Because you won’t be getting much sun during these seasons it’s important you maintain your glow in other ways. Warm toned hair is the perfect thing to keep your complexion looking bright, healthy, and anything but dull. Wondering what “warm toned” means for your hair color? Keep reading to find out.
If you’re a blonde and trying to go for a warm toned look it can be tricky. Warm toned blondes can often come off as too orange so you’ll want to go for more of a honey blonde. If you rock an ombre or balayage try asking your stylist to warm up your base color and add some gold to the lighter parts of your hair. This will add an overall glow to your hair keeping the tone consistent throughout.

Margot Robbie wearing the perfect warm ombre
If you’re a brunette seeking a warmer hair color for the season try adding some red to your do. I know it sounds intimidating but it’s really not as big of a commitment as it seems. Think of a mix between red and brown creating a rich mahogany. This hue will make any eye color pop and compliment every skin tone. Make sure you maintain this hair color regularly to keep it looking intense and fresh.
Hayden Panettiere’s green-blue eyes are complimented beautifully by this rich red brown
If you’re feeling daring or were just lucky enough to be born a natural redhead, embrace it this season. If you’re a blonde thinking of taking the plunge try a soft rose gold so the change isn’t so drastic at first. If you’re a brunette and want to fully embrace true red hair it is likely your stylist will have to lift your hair using a lightener first and lay a color over top. This look can be a little more high maintenance considering you’ll have to stay on top of your appointments so you don’t end up with dark roots. Although a little bit more effort needs to be put into this look, the outcome is stunning and totally worth it.

Rumer Willis opting for a soft rose gold
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